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<p><b>How to set up your catalog &amp; cart (more info in the individual files):</b></p>
<p><b>Step 1: </b>Edit the options in config.inc.php.<br>
  <b>Step 2: </b>Edit your inventory in inventory.inc.php.<br>
  <b>Step 3: </b>Use install.sql to create the appropriate mysql table.<br>
  <b>Step 4: </b>Edit your catalog in main.php.<br>
  <b>Step 5: </b>Add a customer header/footer by modifying header.inc.php and 
  <b>Step 6: </b>Point the PayPal IPN to ipn.php (through your paypal account).<br>
  <b>Step 7: </b>Password protect the admin folder.</p>
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