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  <title>Batch File Rename (BFR) Simple Demo </title>
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<div id="header">Batch File Rename (BFR) Simple Demo</div>
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//include class file
require_once ("class.bfr.php");

$rename = new BFR($debug = true, $debug_file = true);

//setting work directory (the path must end with "/")
if(!$rename->setDir('/path/to/directory/', true)){
$rename->setExt("#f|php|html|doc"); //setting allowed file extensions . "#f" : indicates to directories. "# : indicates to all file types"

$rename_options = array(
// 'before' => 'before-name ', //text before filename
// 'after' => ' after-name', //text after filename
 'chext' => 'doc', //change file extension
 'capitalize' => true, //capitalize filename
 'underscore-space' => true //convert underscores to spaces

$rename->setRenameOpt($rename_options); //setting rename options

$rename->process(); //start renaming

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