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<h2>Uploading Your Grades to Basmati</h2>
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<font size=+3>A</font>fter you've created your export file(s), you'll need
to upload them to Basmati.  Follow the steps below:
<li>Log into the faculty section of Basmati using your username and password.
<li>Click the link titled "Submit File".
<li>A page will appear with a section titled "Locate your export file..."
<li>Click the  <input type=button value="Browse..."> button (the one on this page is inactive -- use the
real one at the faculty site).
<li>A dialog box will appear asking you to locate your Grade Machine export file.  Locate the file and click OK.
<li>The filename (and path) will appear in the box next to the Browse button.
<li>Click the <input type=button value="Submit File to Basmati"> button (the one on this page is inactive --
use the real one at the faculty site).
<li>If everything goes well you should receive a notice indicating that your grades were updated.  If you
encountered errors, please try to correct them or contact your local Basmati administrator.
Any invalid student IDs (such as those containing letters) will be converted to a student ID of 0.  Look carefully
through the grade confirmation table to make sure that you don't see any zeros. 
Most often, errors will occur because of missing information in the <i>Class | Class Information</i> section of
Grade Machine.  Please re-visit <a href=prepare.htm>Preparing Grade Machine for Basmati</a> for more details.
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