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<h2>Leaving Notes</h2>

<font size=+3>Y</font>ou can leave notes to all students & parents on Basmati by using the "Check/Submit Memo" feature in Basmati.  This is not related to Grade Machine's student note system.  Follow the steps below...
<li>Log into the faculty section of Basmati using your username and password.
<li>Click the "Check/Submit Memo" link.
<li>A "Memo-Maker" page will appear with a box in which you may enter any notes.
<li>Enter any text that you want made available to all of your students and parents.  If you know any HTML, you can start with the &lt/PRE&gt tag to turn off preformatted text.  Then any text you enter will appear as pure HTML (including links, images, etc).
<li>When finished, press the <input type=button value="Submit"> button to save your comments.
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