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    <title>ApPHP AdminPanel :: Installation</title>
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    <h2 id="post-1">Installation of PHP AdminPanel</h2>  
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                    <span>1.</span> <a href="Installation.htm#Installation_of_PHP_AdminPanel"><span>Installation of ApPHP AdminPanel</span></a> 
                        <li class=toclevel-2><span>1.1</span> <a href="Installation.htm#Step_1._Uncompressing_downloaded_file."><span>Step 1. Uncompressing downloaded file.</span></a></li>
                        <li class=toclevel-2><span>1.2</span> <a href="Installation.htm#Step_2._Uploading_files."><span>Step 2. Uploading files.</span></a></li> 
                        <li class=toclevel-2><span>1.3</span> <a href="Installation.htm#Step_3._Creating_database."><span>Step 3. Creating database.</span></a></li>
                        <li class=toclevel-2><span>1.4</span> <a href="Installation.htm#Step_4._Running_install_file."><span>Step 4. Running install.php file.</span></a></li>
                        <li class=toclevel-2><span>1.5</span> <a href="Installation.htm#Step_5._Deleting_install_file."><span>Step 5. Deleting installation files.</span></a></li>

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        <p>(for version 3.0.0 or above) </p>
        <p><font color="#860000"><b>Warning: It is important that your server is configured to support sessions.</b></font></p>
        <p>A new installation of PHP AdminPanel is a very straight forward process: </p>
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        <a name="Step_1._Uncompressing_downloaded_file."></a>
        <h3><b>Step 1. Uncompressing downloaded file.</b></h3>
        <p>Uncompress the PHP AdminPanel version 3.x.x script archive. The archive will create a directory called "PHPAP_3xx" </p>
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        <h3><b>Step 2. Uploading files.</b></h3>
        <p>Upload content of this folder (all files and sub-directories it includes) to your 
        document root (public_html, www, httpdocs etc.) using FTP. Pay attention to DON'T use the capital letters
        in the name of the folder (for Linux users).</p>
        <p>For example: </p>
        <p>Rename default.htaccess into .htaccess if you need to add PHP5 handler.</p>           
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        <h3><b>Step 3. Creating database.</b></h3>
        <p>Using your hosting Control Panel, phpMyAdmin or another tool, create your database and user, and assign 
        that user to the database. Write down the name of the database, username, and 
        password for the site installation procedure. </p>
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        <h3><b>Step 4. Running install.php file.</b></h3>
        <p>Now you can run install.php file. To do this, open a browser and type in Address Bar
        <pre>http://{www.mydomain.com}/{adminpanel directory}/install.php</pre>
        Check that you have write access to the config file directory (see <b>EI_CONFIG_FILE_DIRECTORY</b> in
        settings.inc.php). Follow instructions on the screen. You will be asked to enter: database host,
        database name, username and password. Also you need to enter admin username and admin password,
        that will be used to logging in to administration area of the site.
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        <a name="Step_5._Deleting_install_file."></a>
        <h3><b>Step 5. Deleting installation files.</b></h3>
            After successful installation you will get an appropriate message and warning to remove
            install.php file and install/ directory. For security reasons, please delete them immediately.

        Congratulations, you now have ApPHP AdminPanel v.3.x.x. installed!


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