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 * Do not change!
if (empty($lang) || !is_array($lang))
	$lang = array();

// NOTE: General errors that are the cause of module developers not implementing stuff
//       will not be translated. Other errors will be translated.

$lang = array_merge($lang, array(
	'SIGNUP_STEP1_TEXT'			=> 'Welcome to the account creation wizard. This wizard guides you through the steps to create a hosting account.',
	'SIGNUP_STEP2_TEXT'			=> 'Which user name do you want to use? Don\'t use special characters or spaces.',
	'SIGNUP_USERNAME_EMPTY'		=> 'User name empty',
	'SIGNUP_USERNAME_EXISTS'	=> 'User name already exists',
	'SIGNUP_STEP4_TEXT'			=> 'What is your e-mail address? We need this to validate your account, and mail you the account data.',
	'SIGNUP_VALID_SUBJECT'		=> 'E-mail validation',
	'SIGNUP_VALID_MAIL'			=> "You, or someone who used your e-mail address, signed up for an hosting account. Copy the validation code from this mail, and enter it in the wizard. Then click Next.\r\nValidation code: %s",
	'SIGNUP_STEP5_TEXT'			=> 'A mail has been sent to the given mail address containing the validation code. Don\'t close this window. Enter the validation code below.',
	'SIGNUP_VALID_WRONG'		=> 'Validation code incorrect',
	'SIGNUP_STEP6_TEXT'			=> 'Enter the URL for your web site.',
	'SIGNUP_EMPTY_FIELDS'		=> 'Some fields are empty.',
	'SIGNUP_STEP7_TEXT'			=> 'We\'re almost ready! You only have to choose a password now.<br />',
	'SIGNUP_PASSWORD1'			=> 'Password',
	'SIGNUP_PASSWORD2'			=> 'Repeat password',
	'SIGNUP_PASSWORDS_NO'		=> 'These passwords don\'t match!',
	'SIGNUP_NEXT'				=> 'Next &raquo;',
	'SIGNUP_FINISH_TEXT'		=> 'Your account has been created. An e-mail has been sent with your account data, however, it will take up to 30 minutes before everything fully works.',
	// Signup completion e-mail
	'SIGNUP_DONE_SUBJECT'		=> 'Hosting account created!',
	'SIGNUP_DONE_MAIL'			=> 'Your hosting account has been created. Your account data follows:
	User name: %s
	Password: %s
	Control panel URL: %s
	Web site: %s

	We hope you enjoy your hosting account.',
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