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 * Do not change!
if (empty($lang) || !is_array($lang))
	$lang = array();

// NOTE: General errors that are the cause of module developers not implementing stuff
//       will not be translated. Other errors will be translated.

$lang = array_merge($lang, array(
	'INFORMATION' 				=> 'Information',
	'HOME'						=> 'Home',
	'INVALID_MODE' 				=> 'Invalid mode parameter specified.',
	'LOGIN_INCORRECT' 			=> 'Username or password incorrect. Please try again.',
	'ALREADY_LOGGED_IN' 		=> 'You are already logged in!',
	'LOGIN' 					=> 'Login',
	'USERNAME' 					=> 'Username',
	'PASSWORD' 					=> 'Password',
	'LOGOUT' 					=> 'Log out',
	'DISK_LIMIT'				=> 'Disk space limit',
	// Home page
	'DISKSPACE_USAGE'			=> 'Disk space used',
	'LIMITS'					=> 'Limits',
	'CONTROL'					=> 'Control',
	'PHPMYADMIN'				=> 'phpMyAdmin',
	// Apache WSAL
	'APACHE_HOSTS_CONFIG_FILE' 	=> 'Main Apache configuration file, as httpd.conf or apache2.conf.',
	'APACHE_HOSTS_BASE' 		=> 'Directory where all user configuration files will be added.',
	'APACHE_LOG_BASE'		 	=> 'Base directory for log files.',
	'APACHE_BINARY_PATH'		=> "Path to the Apache binary, example: <em>C:\\Apache2\\bin\\httpd.exe</em>", 
	'IIS_IP_ADDRESS'			=> 'IP address of the web server. This needs to be a static IP address.',
	'IIS_COMPUTERNAME'			=> 'Computer name for the web server. This is used to determine the IUSR user name.',
	'IIS_REMOTE_URL'			=> 'URL to remote-abstract.php in the BasHCP root directory on the IIS web server.',
	// FileZilla FSAL
	'FILEZILLA_CONFIG_FILE'		=> 'Location of the XML configuration file of your FileZilla server.',
	'FILEZILLA_EXE_FILE'		=> 'Location of the EXE file of your FileZilla server. This is not the \'interface\' EXE file, but the normal file.',
	// Administration panel
	'ADMIN_PANEL' 				=> 'Administration',
	'CONFIGURATION' 			=> 'Configuration',
	'MOD_NOT_EXIST' 			=> 'The selected module does not exist.',
	'MOD_NOT_EXIST2' 			=> 'The selected class does not exist.',
	'NOT_AUTHORIZED_ADMIN' 		=> 'You are not allowed to administer this server.',
	'ACP_USERS'					=> 'Users',
	// Configuration
	'CONFIG_UPDATED' 			=> 'Configuration updated',
	'WEBSERVER_LAYER' 			=> 'Web server type',
	'SAVE_GENERAL_CONFIG' 		=> 'Save general configuration',
	'SAVE_WS_CONFIG' 			=> 'Save web server configuration',
	'SAVE_OS_CONFIG' 			=> 'Save OS configuration',
	'SAVE_DBA_CONFIG' 			=> 'Save DB admin configuration',
	'SAVE_FTP_CONFIG' 			=> 'Save FTP server configuration',
	'OS_LAYER'					=> 'Operating system',
	'FTP_LAYER'					=> 'FTP server',
	'DBA_LAYER'					=> 'Database type',
	'ICONPACK' 					=> 'Icon pack',
	'GENERAL_CONFIG'	 		=> 'General configuration',
	'WSAL_CONFIG' 				=> 'Web server configuration',
	'OSAL_CONFIG' 				=> 'Operating system configuration',
	'DBA_CONFIG' 				=> 'Database admin configuration',
	'FTP_CONFIG' 				=> 'FTP server configuration',
	'SUBDOMAIN_CHOICES'			=> 'Default sub domains available. Seperate with commas. Example: <em>example.com, example.org, hosting.example</em>',
	'USER_DIRECTORY'			=> 'Directory where users are put by default.',
	// User admin
	'UACP_ACTIONS'				=> 'Actions',
	'UACP_EDIT'					=> 'Edit',
	'UACP_DELETE'				=> 'Delete',
	'UACP_UPDATED'				=> 'User updated/added',
	'UACP_DELETED'				=> 'User deleted',
	'UACP_EMAIL'				=> 'E-mail address',
	'UACP_DOMAINS'				=> 'User his domains. Seperate with commas. Don\'t add \'www.\'. The first one will be the default domain. Example: <em>example.com, example.org, hosting.example</em>',	
	'UACP_SAVEU'				=> 'Save user',
	'UACP_EDITTITLE'			=> 'Add/edit an user',
	'UACP_LISTTITLE'			=> 'List users',
	'UACP_ADD'					=> 'Add user',
	// Domain panel
	'HOSTING' 					=> 'Web hosting',
	'SUBDOMAINS'				=> 'Sub domains/aliases',
	'DATABASES'					=> 'Databases',
	// Subdomain panel
	'VHOST_NAME' 				=> 'Server name',
	'VHOST_DIR'					=> 'Directory on main domain',
	'VHOST_ACTIONS'				=> 'Actions',
	'VHOST_DELETE'				=> 'Delete',
	'VHOST_LIST'				=> 'Sub domain/alias list',
	'NO_VHOSTS_FOUND'			=> 'No sub domains/aliases were found.',
	'VHOST_ADD'					=> 'Add sub domain/alias',
	'VHOST_CREATE'				=> 'Create',
	'VHOST_URL'					=> 'URL',
	'VHOST_ALREADY_EXISTS'		=> 'This sub domain/alias already exists.',
	'VHOST_CREATED'				=> 'Sub domain/alias created.',
	'VHOST_DELETE_FAIL'			=> 'Deleting sub domain/alias failed.',
	'VHOST_DELETED'				=> 'Sub domain/alias deleted.',
	// Database panel
	'DB_LIST'					=> 'Database list',
	'DB_NAME'					=> 'Database name',
	'DB_ACTIONS'				=> 'Actions',
	'DB_DELETE'					=> 'Delete',
	'DB_ADD'					=> 'Add database',
	'NO_DB_FOUND'				=> 'No databases were found.',
	'DB_ADD_NAME'				=> 'Database name',
	'DB_ALREADY_EXISTS'			=> 'This database already exists.',
	'DB_ADDED'					=> 'Database successfully added.',
	'DB_DELETED'				=> 'Database successfully deleted.',
	// FTP user panel
	'FTP_LIST_SUBDIR'			=> 'Sub directory',
	'FTP_ACTIONS'				=> 'Actions',
	'FTP_DELETE'				=> 'Delete',
	'FTP_LIST'					=> 'FTP user list',
	'NO_FTP_FOUND'				=> 'No FTP users were found.',
	'FTP_USERS'					=> 'FTP users',
	'FTP_ADD'					=> 'Add FTP user',
	'FTP_CREATE'				=> 'Create',
	'FTP_USERNAME'				=> 'User name',
	'FTP_SUBDIR'				=> 'Sub directory. \'All directories\' means that the user can access all directories.',
	'FTP_ALREADY_EXISTS'		=> 'This user name already exists.',
	'FTP_CREATED'				=> 'FTP user created.',
	'FTP_DELETED'				=> 'FTP user deleted.',
	'FTP_ALL'					=> 'All directories',
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