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07/06/2011 - Added new table to database ('settings') to hold website url, email address, banners to display per page, failed login attempts before locking the login page and autolock on or off.
09/06/2011 - Fixed banner impression recording error
10/06/2011 - Changed design to include top and bottom fixed bars for navigation
11/06/2011 - Added Advertise here link
06/07/2011 - Added Upload function to enable uploading of Banners directly to Banner Bar
18/07/2011 - Removed settings.html, added better error handlers and tidied up the look and feel overall
19/07/2011 - Added version info and update notifier
20/07/2011 - Fixed bug that was causing auto lock not to work properly
01/08/2011 - Added banner pause.  Click on banner to pause click again to un-pause
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