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 * Userlib Language Array
 * Contains all language strings used by the Userlib class.
 * @package         BackendPro
 * @subpackage		Languages
 * @author          Adam Price
 * @copyright       Copyright (c) 2008
 * @license         http://www.gnu.org/licenses/lgpl.html
 * @link            http://www.kaydoo.co.uk/projects/backendpro
 * @filesource

// ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

/* User field names */
$lang['userlib_username'] = 'Username';
$lang['userlib_email'] = 'Email';
$lang['userlib_email_username'] = "Username/Email";
$lang['userlib_password'] = 'Password';
$lang['userlib_confirm_password'] = 'Confirm Password';
$lang['userlib_last_visit'] = "Last Visit";
$lang['userlib_active'] = "Active";
$lang['userlib_group'] = "Group";
$lang['userlib_captcha'] = 'Captcha';

/* Actions & Titles & Form labels */
$lang['userlib_login'] = 'Login';
$lang['userlib_logout'] = 'Logout';
$lang['userlib_reset'] = 'Reset';
$lang['userlib_remember_me'] = 'Remember Me';
$lang['userlib_forgotten_password'] = 'Forgotten Password';
$lang['userlib_reset_password'] = 'Reset Password';
$lang['userlib_register'] = 'Register New Account';
$lang['userlib_create_user'] = "Create Member";
$lang['userlib_edit_user'] = "Modify Member";
$lang['userlib_delete_user'] = "Delete Member";
$lang['userlib_administrator_delete'] = "You cannot delete the main Administrator user account.";
$lang['userlib_user_saved'] = "The member '%s' has been saved successfully";
$lang['userlib_user_deleted'] = "The members have been deleted successfully";
$lang['userlib_user_profile'] = "User Profile";
$lang['userlib_profile_disabled'] = "User profiles have been disabled on the control panel settings page. Please re-enable them to be able to edit this users profile.";
$lang['userlib_password_info'] = "If you are modifying a current member account, you do not need to enter the password fields unless you want to change their password.";
$lang['userlib_delete_user_confirm'] = "Are you SURE you want to delete these members? Doing so could loose system data!";

/* Email activation messages */
$lang['userlib_no_activation'] = 'You may login to your new account immediatly.';
$lang['userlib_email_activation'] = 'Before you can login to your new account you must first verify that you created it. To do this please follow this link:

     You must do so within the next %s day(s) or your account will be deleted.';
$lang['userlib_admin_activation'] = 'Before you can login to your new account an administrator must verify it, this may take a few days. Please be patient. You will recive an email informing you when your account has been activated. Untill this time you will not be able to login to the system.';

/* Email subject titles */
$lang['userlib_email_forgotten_password'] = 'Requested new login information';
$lang['userlib_email_register'] = 'Your new Account has been created';

/* Auth validation messages */
$lang['userlib_validation_captcha'] = 'The %s is incorrect.';
$lang['userlib_validation_username'] = 'The %s is aleady in use.';
$lang['userlib_validation_email'] = 'The %s is already in use.';

/* Status messages */
$lang['userlib_status_restricted_access'] = "You do not have permission to view the page you requested.";
$lang['userlib_status_require_login'] = "The page you tried to access requires you to be logged in.";
$lang['userlib_account_unactivated'] = 'We cannot log you in since your account has not been activated. Please check your email for details how to activate your account.';
$lang['userlib_login_successfull'] = 'You have been logged in successfully.';
$lang['userlib_logout_successfull'] = 'You have been logged out successfully.';
$lang['userlib_login_failed'] = 'We could not log you in, please try again. Check your login ID and password are correct.';
$lang['userlib_logout_failed'] = 'We could not log you out, please try again.';
$lang['userlib_email_not_found'] = 'The email provided is not in our database.';
$lang['userlib_new_password_sent'] = 'A new password has been emailed to you.';
$lang['userlib_registration_denied'] = 'Registration is not permitted with this website.';
$lang['userlib_registration_failed'] = 'We could not create your user account, please try again.';
$lang['userlib_registration_success'] = 'Your new account has been created, please check your email for further details';
$lang['userlib_activation_success'] = 'Your account has been activated, you may now login.';
$lang['userlib_activation_failed'] = 'We could not activate your account. Please check the url is exactly like in the email and has no spaces in it.';

/* Password Generation */
$lang['userlib_generate_password'] = "Generate Password";

/* End of file userlib_lang.php */
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