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<div id="wrapper">
    <a name="top"></a>
    <div id="header">
        <h1>BackendPro Installation Process</h1>

    <div id="content">
        <a name="top"></a>
	    <?php include_once("RUN.php");?>

	    	// Output the overall install status
	    	if ($install_status)
	    		print "<font color='green'>BackendPro Install was Successful</font>";
	    		print "<font color='red'>BackendPro Install was Unsuccessful</font>";

	    <ul class="results">
	    	foreach($features as $feature)
	    		$fe_status = ($feature->status) ? "done" : "fail";
	    		print "<li class='" . $fe_status . "'>" . $feature->name;
	    		print "<ul>";
	    		foreach($feature->components as $component)
	    			$cp_status = ($component->status) ? "done" : "fail";
	    			$cp_error = ($component->error != NULL) ? " - <b>" . $component->error . "</b>" : "";
	    			print "<li class='" . $cp_status . "'>" . $component->name . $cp_error . "</li>";
	    		print "</ul></li>";

	    <?php if($install_status):?>
	    <p>Your system has been fully setup, please delete the <b>/install</b> directory
    	otherwise other people will be able to reset your system setup.</p>

    	<p>You may now use the system, <a href="../index.php">click here</a> to do so.</p>
    	<p>A <a href="install.log">log file</a> has been created with detailed
    	information about the install</p>
	    <?php else:?>
	    <p>An error has occured during the installation of BackendPro. Please check the
	    details above to fix the problem before trying to install again. A
	    <a href="install.log">log file</a> has been created which more in depth
	    details about what went wrong.
	    <?php endif;?>

    <div id="footer">
        <a href="#top">Top</a><br />
        This site is powered by BackendPro 0.6<br />
        &copy; Copyright 2009 - Adam Price -  All rights Reserved

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