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blizzle! web site codebase and applications

(o = open, ! = bug addressed, + = feature added, - = feature removed, s = suggestion, a = actively being worked on)


+ Display page code
+ Display item code
+ Parse items code
+ blizlet insertion code
+ giblet insertion code
o Pull giblet/blizlet code from db
+ Display comment code
+ Comment form
+ Display blizlet/giblet code
+ parse links code
+ default skin
+ multi-page items
+ user moderated items
+ user submissions
+ Skin switcher (blizlet)
s comment board
! item icons do not always align-right
o file drop - blizlet(?)
+ chat box - blizlet (done for now, see below)
+ link box giblet
- news quickies blizlet
s mailing-list interface
s windows roaming bot - I like this
s artistic items for sale
+ poll
s drawing blizlet
s other high-media blizlets
+ releases blizlet
o user configuration/blizlets/giblets/items displayed
+ search function
! comments are only avaliable if the story has a body
! doesn't mention who's posting an item, or when.
! long URLs are HELL on the default skin
+ buttons giblet
+ create promo button
+ added number of comments/size of body descriptions
+ blizzle! modpoints system. (changes, see below)
+ add cache-stopping headers to the code
! if items are shorter than giblets/blizlets they valign middle
o document site theme/skin format
! news posting script does not handle displayname!
+ make default skin Mozilla/Opera/Navigator compliant
	(currently: IE - perfect, Mozilla - perfect, Opera - perfect - Nav - horrid - Konqueror untested-(and staying that way))
- long URLs are HELL on the default skin - in certain browsers - AGAIN - IGNORING.
! "next page" code is borked.
! default skin was breaking apart on short stories
+ site completion status blizlet
- move new releases to top box rather than blizlet (figure out a way to skin)
+ add releases page with more information, modify backend
s use descriptions as tooltips
+ add user creation/account management page
! fix bug(s) in regular expression syntax
+ create user variables for the user management code & functions to access
+ create user history table for modpoint calculations
+ add releases to home page
! formatting code input by users needs to be terminated.
+ user information page for other people to view
o create small icons for smileys, @, % and +
+ modify way site completion status is calculated (suggestions don't affect total until set to open)
o add rollup/close buttons to blizlets.
! multiple-voting bugs in poll
+ addition of new items listing in linkbox giblet
+ dunk is an evil little man, reverting us back to php 4.06.  I had to go back and remove all superglobal variables
! blitzlet or login blizlets have an error in design in Mozilla 1.1
+ added site backends (RDF, TXT & backslash) - skins
+ resources giblet
+ image parsing code
a upload code
a user screenshot uploads
o module wizard
a opera sidebar (skin)
a mozilla sidebar (skin)
+ text blurbs/descriptions to be inserted into body
a user levels code
	^ will have all of @'s abilitys and modpoints will never decrease.
	@ need to be able to edit/delete/rewrite everything - with no notice
	% need to be able to edit their own posts (items/subs), releases and comments
	% and above can: post in the future, post featured items, append to existing items - with notice
	+ need to be able to edit their own posts (items/subs), releases and comments
	+ can post featured items, but it must be reviewed by a % or @
	users start off at +
	when you reach 150 modpoints the first time you will change to %
	Two @'s must vote for a % to become an @
	^'s will be given final choice on who becomes an @
	^ can grant @ status or ^ status to anyone, anytime.
	When a % reaches 500 modpoints ^ will be notified.
	When a % reaches 999 modpoints ^ will be notified.
	^ should look at %'s post history to determine if @ status is warrented.
	once someone reaches a status, modpoint changes don't effect that status.
	^'s can downgrade user levels of everyone
	^'s can modify modpoints (via unlimited modpoint potential)
+ nice formatting for current backend forms
o review wizard
a article wizard
	checkbox - add another page
+ quickie wizard
+ release wizard
	checkbox for releases - add this item to homepage
o preview all posts - forced?  Forced if below %
+ add EDIT button to posts when logged in
o add EDIT button to comments when logged in
o add EDIT button to releases when logged in (releases don't keep names do they?)
o can't get over 999 modpoints? - I like this
o keep running tally of all modpoints just for statistics sake
+ modpoints, calculate future time.  ((Modpoints/3)/60)
	999 modpoints, 5.55 hours "future time".
	300 modpoints, 1 hour "future time".
	27 modpoints, 9 minutes "future time".
o block users code
+ add descriptions (% and above)
o edit/delete descriptions (% and above)
o private messages (next 6 ideas stolen from Litestep.com ;)
o users online giblet
s buddy list? (hrm)
o older stuff blitzlet
o text links giblet
s contests blitzlet
! fix userinformation, http://blizzle.com/accountlookup.php?name=az SHOULD WORK.
s limit userinformation?
! [Read full story (2 bytes)] bug
! modifyaccount.php needs check for quotes in input fields
! trim extra space from descriptions (fixes descriptions bug, why does bug occour?  do we care?)
s add blitzlet 'character' like in original blizzle design.
! squashed various small bugs
s Other idea for modpoints/time warp (if current "future time" system doesn't work out):
	have option to turn on/off "future time", default off.
		if used, make "future time" take away from your modpoints - so it can't be abused.
	Make "future time" hold an item at the top of the list, until it's time limit expires.
		this would allow old items to be brought to the top by voting for them,
		no matter when they were posted.  but is that a good or bad idea?
		color code items being held to the top with "future time"
o still bugs in user registration.  I swear it's a PHP thing.
o sometimes modpoints get confused?  I swear it's a PHP thing.
! *sigh* it's time to do some long-link detection and break them down if they're too long.
o module releases need more information, and need to be better integrated
o check to see if edit button is correctly showing up for users.
+ wish my daughter happy second birthday on the 18th
+ add "change password"
+ add "autologin"
o add "password reset"
o long string detection in blitzlet
o interesting links box
o user login control panel
o desktop additions app (flash?)
o site design restructuring
+ modify (0) new dates in categories giblet
+ basic HTML allowed in posts
+ fix bugs in blizcode/link detection
+ opera can't post bug
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