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include ("tunez.inc.php");
$title = "Who voted for THAT song?!";
include ("header.inc.php");

$kweerie	= "SELECT * from songs WHERE song_id='$song_id'";
$result		= mysql_db_query("tunez", $kweerie);
$row		= mysql_fetch_array($result);
$artist		= $row[artist];
$songtitle	= $row[songtitle];

$kweerie = "select user from queue left join users using(user_id) where song_id='$song_id'";
$result = mysql_db_query("tunez", $kweerie);

$song = getSongName($song_id);
echo "<p>The following people want to hear <b>$song:</b></p>";
echo "<ol>";
while ($row = mysql_fetch_array($result))
	$user = $row[user];
	echo "<li>$user";
echo "</ol>";

echo "<br><b>Cool!</b> I want to <a href=\"$PHP_SELF?voteFor=$song_id&song_id=$song_id\" class=dik>vote</a> for that song too!"; 

include ("footer.inc.php");

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