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$phpgw_info["flags"] = array ("currentapp" => "tunez",
							 "enable_nextmatchs_class" => True);
include ("../header.inc.php"); #PHP Groupware header

include ("tunez.inc.php");
include ("tunez_admin.inc.php");

$title = "Edit Song";
include ("header.inc.php");

#$playInRandomMode = mysql_result( mysql_query("select playInRandomMode from songs where song_id='$song_id'"),0,playInRandomMode);
$cd_number = mysql_result( mysql_query("select cd_number from songs where song_id='$song_id'"),0,cd_number);

	<h2><? echo getSongName ($song_id); ?></h2>
	<p>(<? echo getFileName ($song_id); ?>)</p>
	<div class="formdiv">
	<form action="admin_edit_record_action.php" method="get">
	When entering the CD Number for a song, it will update every song on the album thus assigning the album the CD Number.<br>
	CD Number:
	<input class="field" size="4" MAXLENGTH="4" type="text" name="cd_number" value="
	echo "$cd_number";
	<!--<h4>:: Play in random mode?</h4>
	<p><input class="radiobutton" type="radio" name="playInRandomMode" value="1"<? if($playInRandomMode == 1) echo " CHECKED"; ?>>Yes<br><input class="radiobutton" type="radio" name="playInRandomMode" value="0"<? if($playInRandomMode == 0) echo " CHECKED"; ?>>No</p>
	<p><input type="hidden" name="song_id" value="<? echo $song_id; ?>"><input class="button" type=submit value="Update!"></p>
include ("footer.inc.php");
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