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# searchAlbums.php
# Searchs the database and displays Albums instead of every song
$phpgw_info["flags"] = array ("currentapp" => "musiclib",
							 "enable_nextmatchs_class" => True);
$GLOBALS['phpgw_info']['cursor_focus'] = "document.defaultsearch.searchFor.focus();document.defaultsearch.searchFor.select();";

include ("../header.inc.php"); #PHP Groupware header

include ("inc/config.inc.php");
include ("inc/functions.inc.php");
include ("inc/sidebar.inc.php");
$title = "Search Results";
include ("inc/header.inc.php");

# This truncates strings containing an apostrophee so that mysql doesn't choke
# Please report if any other special characters cause trouble
$searchFor = stripslashes($searchFor);
unset ($pos);
if (substr_count($searchFor,"'") > 0) {$pos = strpos($searchFor,"'");}
if (isset($pos)) {$searchFor = substr($searchFor,0,$pos);}

if ($action=="doSearch")
	echo "<BR><b>Following Albums found containing \"$searchFor\"...</b><BR><BR>";
	$kweerie="SELECT * FROM ".$musiclib['tables']['albums']
		   ." WHERE artist LIKE '%$searchFor%' 
		   	  OR songtitle LIKE '%$searchFor%' 
		   	  OR album LIKE '%$searchFor%' 
		   	  ORDER BY artist, album";
	listAlbums ($kweerie, "nee", "ja");


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