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      <h1>Creating translations</h1>

      <p>Translations can be generated using the UNIX xgettext utility. This
        will extract all translatable strings from the given source files and
        write them to PO files. These files can be edited and saved with a
        translation program like
        <a href="http://i18n.kde.org/tools/kbabel/">KBabel</a>. Please refer
        to the manpages for xgettext for more information.</p>
      <p>Included in the Aukyla release is a small script called
        "update_messages.php", you can execute this script from the Aukyla root
        directory and specify a subdirectory as its first argument. The script
        will then extract all translatable strings from the files in this
        subdirectory and write appropriate PO and POT files to the same
        subdirectory but inside the locale/ directory. So, if you call the
        script like this: "./update_messages.php apps/ADMS", all strings from
        the PHP files inside apps/ADMS are extracted and written to PO files in
        locale/apps/ADMS where they can be translated.</p>
      <p>If you want to add a translation for a new language, just add the
        language to the file locale/languages and re-run the update_messages.php
        script for all modules you want to translate.</p>
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