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- Full Permissions System
  You are able to set Download Permissions, Upload Permissions and Extension Groups per Forum Permissions. 
- Able to add comments to Attachments 
- Automatic Deletion of Attachments if Posts got deleted (manual Delete, pruning, within the Moderator Control Panel or the User Attachment Control Panel) 
- Editing of existing Attachments.
  Able to Delete/Add/Change Comment and Update Attachments while editing Posts. 
- even if the local path for Attachments is changed in admin, all previous posted attachments will be displayed correctly 
- category support - special behaviour instead of just presenting a link 
	- Special Behaviour on Images:
	  Thumbnail Support
	  Image Link Presentation depending on Dimensions
	  Inline Images 
	- Stream Files directly within Posts. Supported Types:
	  aif, aifc, aiff, asf, asx, au, avi, ivf, m3u, mid, midi, mlv, mp2, mp3, mp2v, mpa, mpe, mpeg, mpg, mpv2, rmi, snd, wav, wax, wm, wma, wmx, wmv, wvx 
	- Play Flash Files within Posts. Support for compressed Flash MX Files. 
- little image definable for displaying in front of Attachments and Threads containing Attachments.
  Able to define an Image for Forum View and for every Extension Group. 
- Maximum Upload Size definable.
  Maximum Upload Size per Extension Group definable. 
- Multiple attachments in one post
  maximum number of attachments per post definable 
- multiple attachments in one PM
  maximum number of attachments per PM definable 
- Attachment Quotas: 
	- Overall Attachment Quota 
	- User Attachment Quotas 
	- Group Attachment Quotas 
	- Quotas are definable for PM Boxes and Upload 
- download counter 
- Download Method selectable for every Extension Group
  This is very useful for Datatypes needing a 'real' link, for example real media files 
- three Upload Methods:
	- Normal Upload
	- FTP Upload
	- FTP Remote Upload 
- Able to display Attachments in Preview Window 
- Able to display Attachments in Review Window 
- User Attachment Control Panel 
- Attachment Limit Box within Private Message Box 
- Attachment Upload Stats in Users Profile 

- Special Admin Modules: 
	- Manage Forbidden Extensions 
	- Manage allowed Extensions (Delete, Add, Assign new group) 
	- Manage Extension Groups 
	- Manage Special Categories 
	- Synchronize Attachments 
	- Delete Shadow Attachments (those Attachments not deleted with posts, for what reason ever) 
	- a complete Attachment Control Panel (with an integrated search feature) 
	- much more. To sum it up, a fully customizable Attachment Feature for your Board. 

- Language Packs:
  for up-to-date Language Packs and Informations please visit http://www.opentools.de/
  or the Language Pack Forum at http://www.opentools.de/board
  (if someone is willing to translate the Attachment Mod to other Languages, please contact me at Opentools.de)

- database-support: mysql, mysql4, mssql, mssql-odbc, postgresql 
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