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* @package as_admintool
* @desc sample.php - using as_admintool.php demonstration 
* @author Alexander Selifonov <as-hide@address.com>
* @copyright Alexander Selifonov 2007
* @link http://as-works.narod.ru/en/php/
* @version 1.000.000
* modified 03.03.2007 (dd.mm.yyyy)
* Read "as_admintool.htm" for detailed instructions
require_once('as_admintool.php'); // main module
require_once('as_admintool_sqlqry.php'); //  executing SQL queries plugin
require_once('as_admintool_backup.php'); //  backup SQL data plugin
require_once('as_admintool_restore.php'); // restore SQL data from backup-files
require_once('as_admintool_filemgr.php'); // file manager plugin

# change or localize interface...
$as_iface['parameters'] ='Query parameters';
$as_iface['predef-qry'] ='Shoose a query...';
$as_iface['explainqry'] ='Show execution plan';

// Place Your function to connect to MySQL, or just set Your host/db/user/pass:

$access_lev = 2; 
// here may be a function to check if user logged on and has enough privileges
// set $access_lev to 0 or 1 to see 'SQL lowest access' mode

$as_adm_qryaccess = $access_lev;

# as_admintool_filemgr: protect some files from deleting/overwriting:
$asdt_fmgr_protect = array('sample.php','as_admintool.php','as_admintool.htm');

# place this line BEFORE any HTML output !

# echo Your HTML header here...
HTML_Header('as_admintool: using example');

if($access_lev>=1 ) {
  $adminobj = new CAsAdminTool(620,440);
  #  If as_jsfunclib.js placed into some 'scripts' folder, uncomment next line.
  #  $adminobj->SetJsPath('scripts/'); 

  $qlist = array(array('Our company','-'),
                 array('Departments search',"SELECT * from departments where department_name like '&P1%'",'Department name'),
                 array('Employees search',"SELECT * from employees where emp_name like '&P1%' AND first_name LIKE '&P2%'",'Person name','First name'),
                 array('Optimize tables...','-'),
                 array('employees and depts','OPTIMIZE tables employess,departments')

  $adminobj->AddPage(ASADM_SQLQUERY,'SQL Queries-1', $qlist);
  $adminobj->AddPage(ASADM_SQLQUERY,'SQL Queries/mydb','','mydb');

  if($access_lev>=2) { // security check is a good idea !

    $tlist = ''; // all tables in current db will be shown
    //You could pass YOUR table names only: array('branches','employees','departments');

    $db_name = ''; // Set another DB name, if differs from current selected DB

    $adminobj->AddPage(ASADM_BACKUP,'SQL Backup', $tlist, 'backup/',$db_name);
    $adminobj->AddPage(ASADM_RESTORE,'SQL Restore','backup/',$db_name);
    # If You want to see 'restore' functionality, create a subfolder 'backup', and make at least one backup.
    # When there are .xml or .gz files in "backup/" folder, just refresh sample page.

    # folder list, available for file manager
    $folders = array(array('./','current folder'),
                   array('scripts/','Scripts folder'),
                   array('backup/','backup folder'),

    $adminobj->AddPage(ASADM_FILEMGR,'File Mgr', $folders);
else echo "Access denied !";
echo "</BODY></HTML>";
function HTML_Header($title){ // draw Your HTML header here...
<META http-equiv="Content-Type" Content="text/html;">
<link rel='stylesheet' href='styles.css' type='text/css'>
<H1 align='center'><?=$title?></H1>
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