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as_admintool readme
Project    : as_admintool
Class name : CAsAdminTool
Author     : Alexander Selifonov <as-works [at] narod.ru>
Copyright  : Alexander Selifonov 2007
link       : http://as-works.narod.ru/

Distribution type: GNU General Public License (redistribution allowed)

Short description

as_admintool designed primarily for people who often
execute administering tasks through a WEB-interface: 
run SQL queries, get SQL 'explain plan',backup/restore data from SQL server, 
manage files and so on. as_admintool uses AJAX calls.

All this functionality implemented in 'plug-in' php modules, 
so it's easy to add Your own tasks (far from administering) 
and attach them to the program.

Implemented tasks:

 - SQL queries, with predefined query lists
 - SQL data backup to XML(gzippped) files
 - restore SQL data from backup files
 - simple file manager (uploading/deleting files from server)

This class if free for all kinds of using (commercial and non-commercial)

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