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	include ('../config.php');
	include ('secureadmin.php');

	if(isset($_POST['submit'])) { 

	if(get_magic_quotes_gpc()) {
		$title = $_POST['title'];
		$body = $_POST['body'];
		$resource = $_POST['resource'];
	} else {
		$title = mysql_real_escape_string($_POST['title']);
		$body = mysql_real_escape_string($_POST['body']);
		$resource = mysql_real_escape_string($_POST['resource']);
	$catid = $_POST['category'];
	$mysqldate = date( 'Y-m-d H:i:s' );

//Get the category's parent id	
		$catquery = "select * from categories where id =".$catid;
		$catresult = mysql_query($catquery,$connection) or die(mysql_error());
		$catinfo = mysql_fetch_array($catresult);
		$parentid = $catinfo['parentid'];
		if (!$parentid) {
			$parentid = "NULL";
	$sql = "INSERT INTO `articles` VALUES ( NULL, 0, 1, '".$mysqldate."', '".$title."', 
			".$catid.", ".$parentid.", '".$body."', '".$resource."', NULL);";
			$query = mysql_query($sql);
			header('Location: articleactive.php?add=true');

	$metatitle = "New Article - Admin Control Panel";
	include ('includes/document_head.php');
		<div id="wrapper">
			<?php include 'includes/topbar.php'?>		
			<?php include 'includes/sidebar.php'?>
			<div class="main_container container_16 clearfix">
			<div class="flat_area grid_16">
	<div class="box grid_16 round_all">
		<div class="block">
			<h2>Submit a New Article</h2>
	<p>You can create new articles with your admin account details. NOTE: Admin articles are made live instantly - they skip the editorial queue.</p><br/>
<form style="padding-left: 15px;" name="submission" method="post" action="articlenew.php" >

	<p><b>Enter the article title:</b></p>
	<input type="text" name="title" style="width:400px;">
	<br/><p><b>Select a Category:</b></p>
	<select name="category">
// Populates the Dropdown list with all categories and subcats
	$query = "select * from categories where parentid is null order by name;"; 
	$result = mysql_query($query,$connection) or die(mysql_error());
	$num_results = mysql_num_rows($result);
	for ($i=0; $i <$num_results; $i++) { 
		$row = mysql_fetch_assoc($result); 
		echo "<option value=\"".$row['id']."\">".$row['name']."</option><br/>"; 
			$query = "select * from categories where parentid =".$row['id']." order by name;"; 
			$sub_result = mysql_query($query,$connection) or die(mysql_error());
			$sub_num_results = mysql_num_rows($sub_result);
			for ($x=0; $x <$sub_num_results; $x++) { 
				$subrow = mysql_fetch_assoc($sub_result); 
				echo "<option value=\"".$subrow['id']."\"> -- ".$subrow['name']."</option><br/>";

	<br/><br/><p><b>Enter the article body:</b></p>
	</h3><textarea id="body" name="body" style="width:720px; height: 300px;"></textarea>

	<br/><br/><p><b>Enter your author resource box:</b></p>
	</h3><textarea id="resource" name="resource" style="width:720px; height: 120px;"></textarea>

	<br />
		<button type="submit" id="submitstyle" name="save" class="button_colour round_all"><img height="24" width="24" alt="Bended Arrow Right" src="images/icons/small/white/Bended Arrow Right.png"><span>Submit Article</span></button>

	<input name="submit" type="hidden" id="submit" />



<?php include 'includes/closing_items.php'?>
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