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{use $model, $root = $model->request->root, $project = $model->request->controller}
    Use this forms to register as a new user. Depending on the project
    configuration there may be different types of user registration availabale.
    Select the one you like most.

{if $model->errors !== null }
<ul class="errors">
{foreach $model->errors as $error}

<ul class="authtypes">
{foreach $model->mechanisms as $name => $type}
    <li {if $type === $model->selected}class="selected"{/if}
        id="{$type}"><a href="{$root}/{$project}/core/register/{$type}" title="{$name}">

<form method="post" action="{$root}/{$project}/core/register/{$model->selected}">
        {include arbit_get_template( 'html/core/user/registration/' . $model->selected . '.tpl' )}
        <input type="hidden" name="_arbit_form_token" value="{arbit_form_token()}" />
        <div class="break"></div>

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