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<?//Tab titles
$languageText[layer] = "Layers";
$languageText[legend] = "Legend";
$languageText[query] = "Query";
$languageText[search] = "Search";
$languageText[search2]= "Search";
$languageText[map] = "Map";
$languageText[crs] = "CRS";
$languageText[postgis] = "PostGIS";
$languageText[wms] = "WMS";
$languageText[help] = "Help";
$languageText[export]  ="Export";
$languageText[referencemap] = "Reference";
$languageText[zoomin] = "Zoomin";
$languageText[zoomout] = "Zoomout";
$languageText[recenter] = "Center";
$languageText[refresh] = "Refresh map";
$languageText[wmsGetFeatureInfo] = "wmsGetFeatureInfo";
$languageText[postGisQuery] = "Query db";
$languageText[measure] = "Measure";
$languageText[remove] = "Remove all graphic";
$languageText[mapSize] = "Mapsize";
$languageText[featureEdit] = "Edit object";
$languageText[expandAll] = "Expand all";
$languageText[collapseAll] = "Collaps all";
$languageText[printer] = "Printer friendly version";
$languageText[pdf] = "Export to PDF";
$languageText[minimize] = "Dock toolbar";
$languageText[close] = "Close";
//PostGis Query
$languageText[queryLayers] = "Which layers to search?";
$languageText[queryType] = "Query type";
$languageText[SFSQLfunction] = "SFSQL function";
$languageText[submitQuery] = "Submit query";
$languageText[point] = "Point";
$languageText[line] = "Line";
$languageText[rectangle] = "Rectangle";
$languageText[polygon] = "Polygon";
$languageText[theme] = "Theme";
$languageText[table] = "Layers";
$languageText[field] = "Field";
$languageText[newValue] = "New value";
$languageText[snapTable] = "Snap to layer";
$languageText[snapTolerance] = "Snap tolerance";
$languageText[editObject] = "Edit object";
$languageText[deleteObject] = "Delete";
$languageText[selectObject] = "Select object";
$languageText[submitObject] = "Insert/update";
$languageText[selectText] = "Select a layer";
$languageText[alwaysDraw] = "Always draw";
$languageText[deleteFeature] = "Really? The whole feature will be deleted!";
$languageText[addShape] = "You can now add a new shape to the feature. Only multi geometry!";
$languageText[interRuptDigi] = "You can\'t zoom or pan while editing exiting features. Do you want to cancel editing of feature?";
$languageText[digiHelpText] = "<tr><td><br><b>New object:</b> Select which <i>table</i> to edit. Start drawing a new object by checking <i>Edit object</i> and clicking in map. When finished click <i>Insert/update</i>.</td></tr>
<tr><td><b>Delete:</b> Select which <i>table</i> to delete from and click on feature to delete. Click the <i>delete</i> button. <b>Caution:</b> the whole feature is deleted, not only the shape.</td></tr>
<tr><td><b>Edit object:</b> Select which <i>table</i> to edit. Select object to edit by checking <i>Select object</i> and clicking in map. Check <i>Edit object</i> to edit. When finished click <i>submit</i>. If multi feature when click <i>cancel</i> to edit next shape in feature.</td></tr>";
//Delete and clone node
$languageText[deleteNode] = "Delete this node? If you cancel, it can be cloned instead";
$languageText[cloneNode] = "Clone this node? The new one will be put on top of this one";
$languageText[doubleClick]="<span style=\"color:red\">NEW FEATURE</span> Double click on a node to delete or clone it";
//Map text
$languageText[disclamer] = "AppForMap v. 0.4a. The latest version is available at http://sourceforge.net/projects/appformap/<br><br>".$languageText[doubleClick];
$languageText[pdfMapSize]="Size in cm";
$languageText[pdfScale]="Scale 1:";
$languageText[pdfButton]="Make pdf";
$languageText[updatePdf]="Update scale";
$languageText[pdfHelp]="Select paper size, orientation and scale.<br> Available paper sizes, map sizes and resolution are predefined in the configuration file. ";
// ajax
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