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Version 0.6a
- Bugfix release.

Version 0.6
- Now AJAX supported. No browser reloads. Can still act as non AJAX web application.
- Support of WFS for query using spatial filter.

Version 0.5a
- Some bugs fixed.
- CVS tree is restructed, config files now in conf dir, html-headers in headers dir etc.
- Avanced reference map which can be rendered from MapScript or WMS.
- New 'toolbar docking' button in Bleed client.
- Drag and drop panning in pdf-generator.
- Two new interfaces, Simple and Mini which is well suited for inline use eg. in iframes.
- defaultLayers=[layer1,layer2] in the url will start the client with the layers checked in the layer tree. Layer names must be same as the name tag i a wms capability or custom xml for MapScript client.

Version 0.4a
- New name "AppForMap".
- A lot of bug fixes.
- Build in wfs server with support for spatial filter. Enables the user to export queries to gml from interface. Lib also support gml to wkt (for import to PostGIS).
- New lib for gpx to sql and sql to gpx convertion. 
- Improvments on pdf generator.
- New html interface "client_bleed". Old renamed to "client_classic"
- Geometry library now supports snap to nearest point on line.
- Some restructering of files for html interface. Trying to make it easier to build new interfaces by spliting the source into modules.
- First step for using PEAR database module. PEAR not needed just yet.
- MapScript wrappers for adding new layer classes and setting filters.

Version 0.3a
- A lot of bug fixes
- Totally new geometry library (libs/phpgeometry_class.php). All geometry are now objects.
- Support for editing of island polygon (donuts), still not creation of them, through the new geometry library.
- It is now possible to zoom and pan while redlining lines and polygons for editing, quering and measuring. This is a new experimental feature and it may be buggy.
- Deleting and cloning of "nodes" while redlining. Double click no node elements for delete or clone.
- VMS-abstract text is now encoded server side and decoded client side and strange chars should no longer cause an error.
- New pdf map generator - thanks to the Fpdf project.
- Simpler editing dialog.
- Scripts for viewing and updating attribute data with tentative client side validation. It is now possible to edit the attributes of a selected feature.
- Area calculation in client - at last.
- Serverside url encoding and decoding of xml, so content with html and urls not will cause any problems in the output html table. Use the $postGisQueryUrlEncode[MYLAYER]="FIELD" variable in conf. file. 

Version 0.2a
- A lot of bug fixes
- Layer tree outline function now seems to work (still some VMS-abstract text can result in a Java-Script error)
- DHTML Interface (wmsclient.phtml) now support Mozilla browsers. Because of the lack of support for opacity in Opara this browser is not supported.
- Tentative printer friendly version function is added.
- The created map image is now a true color PNG (support for true color VMS and MapScript).
- The EPSG data base now available in PostGreSQL format, which is now default.
- Different Languages is now support via a language file.

Version 0.1c
- Bug fixes.
- Feature edit now supported for (multi)points, (multi)lines and (multi)polygons.
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