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## Language file for AnoBBS v 1.0 mlk. This file: en ##

$bbslang = array();
$bbslang[1] = "BBS not found";
$bbslang[2] = "No forum type set";
$bbslang[3] = "User not in session table";
$bbslang[4] = "Microsessions failed";
$bbslang[5] = "Hash comparison failed";
$bbslang[6] = "CRC check failed";
$bbslang[7] = "User does not exist";
$bbslang[8] = "Session auth failed";
$bbslang[9] = "No session available";
$bbslang[10] = "Topic does not exist";
$bbslang[11] = "You are not permitted to do this";
$bbslang[12] = "The thread is closed";
$bbslang[13] = "Scripts not complete - cancelling package";
$bbslang[14] = "Template not found - cancelling package";
$bbslang[15] = "No data received";
$bbslang[16] = "The time period for edit is expired";
$bbslang[17] = "You are logged out.\nThis window will now close.\nBye :-)";
$bbslang[18] = "The BBS is deleted.\nThis window will now close.\nBye :-)";
$bbslang[19] = "This machine is not in session table.\nDo a new search and start a new window from that search.";
$bbslang[20] = "No login form availale, login not possible";
$bbslang[21] = "Nick:";
$bbslang[22] = "Password";
$bbslang[23] = "<br>Please log in.<br>If the user exists, you will be logged in if the password are correct.<br>If user does not exist, a user will be created with the submitted nickname and password.";
$bbslang[24] = "<b>How to use:</b> To use this message BBS tool, you must first have agreed upon a code phrase with the people you want to communicate with. It can be any combination of characters, I've used 'i love my thick fleece jacket' in the example article.
<br>Type the code phrase in the form below and the software will check if there's a BBS corresponding to that code. If it is, it will fetch it for authenticated reading/writing, using the same phrase. If the code phrase does not exist, it will let you create a new BBS that will respond to that code.<br>
The encryption used is 3DES, or Triple DES, and the encryption is performed before submit if you are posting and after load if you are reading, using the single md5 of the code phrase as key.<br><br>";
$bbslang[25] = "Check for BBS or create new BBS - type code phrase:";
$bbslang[26] = "Select skin";
$bbslang[27] = "Yes the BBS exists. Please start a bbs window by selecting from below:";
$bbslang[28] = "The BBS is created. Please start a BBS window by selecting from below:";
$bbslang[29] = "No BBS found. Do you want to create one?";
$bbslang[30] = "Yes";
$bbslang[31] = "No";
$bbslang[32] = "The BBS does not exist";
$bbslang[33] = "The skin directory does not exist: ";
$bbslang[34] = "";
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