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<?php if(comments_open()): ?>
    <section class="comments">
        <h1><?php echo total_comments() . pluralise(total_comments(), ' comment'); ?> <a href="#comment" title="Contribute to the discussion!">Add your own</a></h1>
        <?php if(has_comments()): ?>
        <ul class="commentlist">
            <?php while(comments()): ?>
            <li class="comment" id="comment-<?php echo comment_id(); ?>">
                <h2><?php echo comment_name(); ?></h2>
                <time><?php echo relative_time(comment_time()); ?></time> 
                <div class="content">
                    <?php echo comment_text(); ?>
            <?php endwhile; ?>
        <?php endif; ?>
        <form id="comment" class="commentform" method="post" action="<?php echo current_url(); ?>#comment">
            <legend>Add your comments</legend>
            <?php echo comment_form_notifications(); ?>
            <p class="name">
                <label for="name">Your name:</label>
                <?php echo comment_form_input_name(); ?>
            <p class="email">
                <label for="email">Your email address:</label>
                <em>Will never be published.</em>
                <?php echo comment_form_input_email(); ?>                
            <p class="textarea">
                <label for="text">Your comment:</label>
                <em>Allowed HTML: <code>&lt;a&gt;</code>, <code>&lt;b&gt;</code>, <code>&lt;blockquote&gt;</code>, <code>&lt;code&gt;</code>, <code>&lt;em&gt;</code>, <code>&lt;i&gt;</code>, <code>&lt;p&gt;</code> and <code>&lt;pre&gt;</code>.</em>
                <?php echo comment_form_input_text(); ?>
            <p class="submit">
                <?php echo comment_form_button(); ?>
<?php endif; ?>
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