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<?php defined('IN_CMS') or die('No direct access allowed.');

return array(

	'pages' => 'Pages',
	'create_page' => 'Create a new page',
	'no_pages' => 'No pages just yet. Why not write a new one?',
	'add_page' => 'Add a Page',
	'editing' => 'Editing',
	'editing_explain' => 'Some useful links.',
	'view_page' => 'View this page on your site',

	'name' => 'Name',
	'name_explain' => 'The name of your page. This gets shown in the navigation.',
	'title' => 'Title',
	'title_explain' => 'The title of your page, which gets shown in the <code>&lt;title&gt;</code>.',
	'slug' => 'Slug',
	'slug_explain' => 'The slug for your post (<code>' . $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'] . '/<span id="output">slug</span></code>).',
	'content' => 'Content',
	'content_explain' => 'Your page\'s content. Accepts valid HTML.',
	'redirect_option' => 'This page triggers a redirect to another url',
	'redirect_url' => 'Redirect Url',
	'status' => 'Status',
	'status_explain' => 'Do you want your page to be live (published), pending (draft), or hidden (archived)?',

	'draft' => 'Draft',
	'archived' => 'Archived',
	'published' => 'Published',

	'create' => 'Create',
	'delete' => 'Delete',
	'save' => 'Save',
	'return_pages' => 'Return to pages',

	'delete_confirm' => 'Are you sure you would like to delete this page?', 
	'delete_confirm_submit' => 'Yes, I understand this will be permanently deleted', 
	'delete_confirm_cancel' => 'No, keep this page',

	'missing_name' => 'Please enter a name',
	'missing_title' => 'Please enter a title',
	'duplicate_slug' => 'A pages with the same slug already exists, please change your page slug.',
	'page_success_created' => 'Your new page has been added',
	'page_success_updated' => 'Your page has been updated',
	'page_success_delete' => 'Your page has been deleted',
	'page_error_delete' => 'Sorry, you can not delete your home page or posts page.'

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