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<h1><?php echo __('pages.editing', 'Editing'); ?> &ldquo;<?php echo truncate($page->name, 4); ?>&rdquo;</h1>

<?php echo Notifications::read(); ?>

<section class="content">

	<form method="post" action="<?php echo Url::current(); ?>" novalidate>
				<label for="name"><?php echo __('pages.name', 'Name'); ?>:</label>
				<input id="name" name="name" value="<?php echo Input::post('name', $page->name); ?>">
				<em><?php echo __('pages.name_explain', 'The name of your page. This gets shown in the navigation.'); ?></em>
				<label><?php echo __('pages.title', 'Title'); ?>:</label>
				<input id="title" name="title" value="<?php echo Input::post('title', $page->title); ?>">
				<em><?php echo __('pages.title_explain', 'The title of your page, which gets shown in the <code>&lt;title&gt;</code>.'); ?></em>
				<label for="slug"><?php echo __('pages.slug', 'Slug'); ?>:</label>
				<input id="slug" autocomplete="off" name="slug" value="<?php echo Input::post('slug', $page->slug); ?>">
				<em><?php echo __('pages.slug_explain', 'The slug for your post (<code>/<span id="output">slug</span></code>).'); ?></em>
				<label for="content"><?php echo __('pages.content', 'Content'); ?>:</label>
				<textarea id="content" name="content"><?php echo Input::post('content', $page->content); ?></textarea>
				<em><?php echo __('pages.content_explain', 'Your page\'s content. Accepts valid HTML.'); ?></em>
				<label for="redirect"><?php echo __('pages.redirect_option', 'This page triggers a redirect to another url'); ?>:</label>
				<?php $checked = Input::post('redirect_url', $page->redirect) ? ' checked' : ''; ?>
				<input id="redirect" type="checkbox"<?php echo $checked; ?>>

				<label for="redirect_url"><?php echo __('pages.redirect_url', 'Redirect Url'); ?></label>
				<input id="redirect_url" name="redirect" value="<?php echo Input::post('redirect_url', $page->redirect); ?>">

				<label><?php echo __('pages.status', 'Status'); ?>:</label>
				<select id="status" name="status">
					<?php foreach(array(
						'draft' => __('pages.draft', 'Draft'), 
						'archived' => __('pages.archived', 'Archived'), 
						'published' => __('pages.published', 'Published')
					) as $value => $status): ?>
					<?php $selected = (Input::post('status', $page->status) == $value) ? ' selected' : ''; ?>
					<option value="<?php echo $value; ?>"<?php echo $selected; ?>>
						<?php echo $status; ?>
					<?php endforeach; ?>
				<em><?php echo __('pages.status_explain', 'Do you want your page to be live (published), pending (draft), or hidden (archived)?'); ?></em>
		<p class="buttons">

			<button name="save" type="submit"><?php echo __('pages.save', 'Save'); ?></button>
			<?php if(in_array($page->id, array(Config::get('metadata.home_page'), Config::get('metadata.posts_page'))) === false): ?>
			<button name="delete" type="submit"><?php echo __('pages.delete', 'Delete'); ?></button>
			<?php endif; ?>
			<a href="<?php echo admin_url('pages'); ?>"><?php echo __('pages.return_pages', 'Return to pages'); ?></a>


<aside id="sidebar">
	<h2><?php echo __('pages.editing', 'Editing'); ?></h2>
	<em><?php echo __('pages.editing_explain', 'Some useful links.'); ?></em>
		<li><a href="<?php echo Url::make($page->slug); ?>"><?php echo __('pages.view_page', 'View this page on your site'); ?></a></li>

<script src="<?php echo theme_url('assets/js/lang.js'); ?>"></script>
	// define global js translations
	// for our popups

<script src="<?php echo theme_url('assets/js/textareas.js'); ?>"></script>
<script src="<?php echo theme_url('assets/js/redirect.js'); ?>"></script>

<?php if(in_array($page->id, array(Config::get('metadata.home_page'), Config::get('metadata.posts_page'))) === false): ?>
<script src="<?php echo theme_url('assets/js/confirm.js'); ?>"></script>
	// confirm for deletions
	$('button[name=delete]').bind('click', function(event) {
		Confirm.open(function() {
			var form = $('form'), input = new Element('input', {'type': 'hidden', 'name': 'delete'});
<?php endif; ?>
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