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<!doctype html>
<html lang="en">
		<meta charset="utf-8" />

			body {
				margin: 0; padding: 1em 2em;
				font: 1em/1.625em sans-serif;

		- Unfortunately, Microsoft has added a clever new
		- "feature" to Internet Explorer. If the text of
		- an error's message is "too small", specifically
		- less than 512 bytes, Internet Explorer returns
		- its own error message. You can turn that off,
		- but it's pretty tricky to find switch called
		- "smart error messages". That means, of course,
		- that short error messages are censored by default.
		- IIS always returns error messages that are long
		- enough to make Internet Explorer happy. The
		- workaround is pretty simple: pad the error
		- message with a big comment like this to push it
		- over the five hundred and twelve bytes minimum.
		- Of course, that's exactly what you're reading
		- right now.


		<p>The page <code><?php echo Uri::current(); ?></code> was not found.</p>

		<p>Try the <a href="/">homepage</a></p>

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