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return array(

	'add_user' => 'Add a new user',
	'recover_password' => 'Recover Password',
	'users' => 'Users',
	'create_user' => 'Create a new user',
	'reset_password' => 'Reset Password',
	'reset_password_for' => 'Password reset for ',
	'reset_password_explain' => 'Please enter a new password that you won&rsquo;t forget this time.',
	'back_to' => 'Back to %s',

	// english spelling confusion
	'log_in' => 'Log in', // verb
	'login' => 'Login', // noun

	'forgotten_password' => 'Forgotten your password?',

	'recover' => 'Recover',
	'editing' => 'Editing',
	'profile' => 'profile',

	'real_name' => 'Real name',
	'real_name_explain' => 'The user&rsquo;s real name. Used in author bylines (visible to public).',
	'bio' => 'Biography',
	'bio_explain' => 'A short biography for your user. Accepts valid Markdown.',
	'status' => 'Status',
	'inactive' => 'Inactive',
	'active' => 'Active',
	'status_explain' => 'If inactive, the user will not be able to log in.',
	'role' => 'Role',
	'administrator' => 'Admin',
	'editor' => 'Editor',
	'user' => 'User',
	'role_explain' => 'The user&rsquo;s role. See <a href="//anchorcms.com/docs/roles">here</a> for more info.',
	'user_details' => 'User details',
	'user_details_explain' => 'Create the details for your new user to log in to Anchor.',
	'username' => 'Username',
	'username_explain' => 'The desired username. Can be changed later.',
	'password' => 'Password',
	'new_password' => 'New Password',
	'password_blank' => 'Leave blank for no change.',
	'email' => 'Email',
	'email_explain' => 'The user&rsquo;s email address. Needed if the user forgets their password.',

	'create' => 'Create',
	'update' => 'Update',
	'delete' => 'Delete',
	'submit' => 'Submit',
	'return_users' => 'Return to Users',

	'delete_confirm' => 'Are you sure you would like to delete this user?',
	'delete_confirm_submit' => 'Yes, I understand this will be permanently deleted',
	'delete_confirm_cancel' => 'No, keep this user',

	'username_exists' => 'Username is already being used',
	'missing_password' => 'Please enter a password',
	'password_too_short' => 'Your password must be at least %s characters long',
	'invalid_email' => 'Please enter a valid email address',
	'missing_name' => 'Please enter a display name',
	'missing_username' => 'Please enter a username',
	'invalid_status' => 'You cannot change your own status',
	'user_success_created' => 'A new user has been added',
	'user_success_updated' => 'User has been updated',
	'user_success_deleted' => 'User has been deleted',
	'user_success_password' => 'Your new password has been set. Go and login now!',
	'user_notice_recover' => 'We have sent you an email to confirm your password change.',
	'user_email_recover' => 'You have requested to reset your password. To continue follow the link below.' . PHP_EOL . '%s',
	'user_subject_recover' => 'Password Reset',
	'invalid_account' => 'Account not found',
	'missing_login_username' => 'Please enter your username',
	'missing_login_password' => 'Please enter your password'

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