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return array(

	'metadata' => 'Site metadata',

	'sitename' => 'Site name',
	'sitename_explain' => 'Your site&rsquo;s name.',
	'sitedescription' => 'Site description',
	'sitedescription_explain' => 'A short paragraph to describe your site.',
	'homepage' => 'Home Page',
	'homepage_explain' => 'Your current home page.',
	'postspage' => 'Posts Page',
	'postspage_explain' => 'Your page that will show your posts.',
	'posts_per_page' => 'Posts per page',
	'posts_per_page_explain' => 'The number of posts to display per page.',
	'current_theme' => 'Current theme',
	'current_theme_explain' => 'Your current theme.',
	'auto_publish_comments' => 'Auto publish comments',
	'twitter' => 'Twitter',
	'twitter_explain' => 'Your twitter account.',
	'save' => 'Save changes',

	'missing_sitename' => 'You need a site sitename',
	'missing_sitedescription' => 'You need a site description',
	'missing_theme' => 'You need a theme',
	'meta_success_updated' => 'Your metadata has been updated'

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