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$output = "";
if (!empty($_POST)) {
	$output = include("sql/insert.php");

return $output."
<form id=\"frm\" method=\"post\" action=\"".$_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']."\" onsubmit=\"return validate(this);\">
		<script type=\"text/javascript\" src=\"js/checkfields.js\"></script>
		After creating a menu group, don't forget to give it a place in your website if you want it to be shown (at Modules -> <a href=\"index.php?Modules/Add%20Module\">Add Module</a>)!
		<br />
		<br />
		<label for=\"description\">Menu group: </label>
		<input type=\"text\" id=\"description\" name=\"description\" />
		<br />
		<br />
		<input type=\"submit\" name=\"save\" value=\"Add\" class=\"button\" />
		<input type=\"hidden\" name=\"table\" value=\"numbmenus\" />
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