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 * Created on 23.05.2006 by *Camper*
include '../../trunk/loader.php';

class IESample extends ApiAdmin{
	public $logger;
	function init(){

	function page_Index($p){
		$p->api->frame('RightSidebar', 'About', null, 'width=300')->add('Text', null, 'content')
			->set("<p>This is inline edit sample</p><p>This sample shows:</p>" .
					"<p>1. Inline appearing: click on a field to see this wonder</p>" .
					"<p>2. Inline hiding: click on another row inline or on expander</p>" .
					"<p>3. Inline submit: change a value in the field and click OK</p>" .
					"<p>4. Quick column edit: after value changing press TAB instead of ok button</p>");
		$grid=$p->add('Grid', null, 'Content');
			->addColumn('text', 'name', 'Name (Simple text)')
			->addColumn('expander', 'extends', 'Extends (expander)')
			->addColumn('inline', 'declaration', 'Declaration (inline)')
			->addColumn('inline', 'type', 'Type (inline)')
			->addColumn('inline', 'line', 'Line (inline)')
		$paginator=$grid->add('Paginator', null, 'paginator');
	function page_Index_extends($p){
		$p->add('Text', null, 'Content')->set('Here should be a content of expander');
$api=new IESample('ie_sample');
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