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// PHP5 is still unable to deliver multiple inheritance (MI) and probably won't be able
// to do it at all. People consider multiple inheritance a bad style just as they
// consider GOTO to be a bad style. However there are some cases when implementation
// using MI or GOTO turns out to be much better style than the same implementation without
// them. Assuming you are not paranoidal hater of MI, you might find this class useful.
// The reason I came to using this class is because I had the following class structure:
//  Form
//  AjaxForm inherited from Form
//  Filter inherited from Form
//  AjaxForm and Filter were very different, but I wanted to create
//  AjaxFilter
//  which would be inherited from both.

class MultipleInheritance {

    private $_mapings=array();

    function _setParents($classes){
        foreach($classes as $class){
            foreach($e as $entry){

    function __call($name,$args){
        // look up which class we have to go into
            lowlevel_error('Method is not defined '.get_class($this).'::'.$name);

        $class = $this->_mapings[$name];
        return call_user_func_array(array($class,$name),$args);
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