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    <title>System Setting</title>
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    <div class="title">System Setting</div>

    <p><div class="bold">Enable Recycle Bin</div>- Allow each deleted files or folders to be place in user recycle bin directory</p>
    <p><div class="bold">Enable Replace File</div>- Allow existing file with the same name to be replace when uploading or copying file</p>
    <p><div class="bold">Enable Folder Thumbs</div>- Allow folder sort and view preferences to be stored and load from 'thumbs.txt' file<br />- Enable it if you dont mind having thumbs.txt on each of your viewed folder</p><hr />
    <p><div class="bold">Track File Activity</div>- Allow the system to keep track of changes made in any directory</p>
    <p><div class="bold">Track Sign Activity</div>- Allow the system to keep track of attempt made in signing-in</p>

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