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    <title>System Cookies</title>
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    <div class="title">System Cookies</div>

    <p><div class="bold">Stored Directory</div>- It will allow you to access previous directory list on 'Address' field drop down menu</p>
    <p><div class="bold">Wallpaper Directory</div>- Clear the field if you wish to remove the wallpaper</p><hr />
    <p><div class="bold">Clipboard - Task</div>- Clipboard task, usually set to copy or move</p>
    <p><div class="bold">Clipboard - From</div>- From where it will copy or move the files</p>
    <p><div class="bold">Clipboard - File List</div>- The file list to be copied or moved</p><hr />
    <p><div class="bold">Directory Loading</div>- Enable it if you experienced hang while loading directory.<br />- It will slow down the system loading speed by 40%, but it will prevent the browser from hanging.</p>
    <p><div class="bold">Double Click Speed</div>- How fast you need to click to access the folder or open the file. For slow clicker, set it to 999</p>

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