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    <div class="title">Objective</div>

    <p>The main objective of this project is to allow user to manage their files on the internet as easy as Windows explorer does (or any other OS in that matter):

    <ul><li>Recycle Bin features.</li>
    <li>Rename file by clicking it.</li>
    <li>Right click menu features.</li>
    <li>Zip and unzip files in two click away.</li>
    <li>Replicate Folders directory tree view.</li>
    <li>Dragging a file and dropping it over a folder will move the file inside the folder.</li>
    <li>Multiple file command (copy, move, open and delete) can be apply through highlighted files.</li>
    <li>Replicate keyboard & mouse control such as Delete, Ctrl+A, Ctrl+C, Ctrl+D, Ctrl+V, Ctrl+X, Ctrl+Mouse Select, and Shift+Mouse Select.</li>
    <li>Single click will highlight the file, holding a click while moving it will drag the file, double click will open  the file in new tab/browser.</li>
    <li>User can highlight multiple files in many ways: by keyboard press (Ctrl + A or Arrow keys), by mouse click and drag, or both (Ctrl+Mouse Select or Shift+Mouse Select).</li>
    <li>and many more!</ul></p>

    <p>The system provide fast browsing capability since it uses AJAX to feed it with directories file (only the file name & it's attributes, no other rubbish such as HTML tag were transfer on Ajax) and client-side scripting to generate the graphic on user's computer.</p>

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