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namespace hierarchy;

// This form field is similar to drop-down but will work with models which are referencing themselves through
// parent_id or similar field. You need to define both hasOne and hasMany references in your field, such as this:
// $this->hasOne('Category','parent_id')->display(array('form'=>'misc/drilldown'));   
//                                          // link from child to parent
// $this->hasMany('Category','parent_id');  // link from parent to children
// The "display" is not mandatory, but it will display the drilldown whenever Category is edited.
// The drop-down will be decorated with $indent_phrase which will be added for each sub-level. To change
// decoration you can either extend drilldown class or change the property by adressing field after form
// has been populated $form->getField('parent_id')->indent_phrase='  ';
// Authors: Bob Siefkes, Romans Malinovskis

class Form_Field_drilldown extends \Form_Field_Dropdown {
    public $child_ref;
    public $parent_ref;
    public $indent_phrase='---';
    public $empty_text='..';

    function getValueList(){

        if(!$this->model)throw $this->exception('Drilldown can only be used with specified moedl. Consult documentation and examples.');
        if ($this->empty_text){
        } else {
            $res = array();

        // Determine the parent_id field

        $this->child_ref=preg_replace('/^Model_/', '', get_class($this->model)); // remove "Model_" from class

        if(!$this->model->hasElement($this->child_ref))throw $this->exception("Unable to determine how to reference child elements of a model. Did you declare hasMany() ?")

        if(!$this->parent_ref)throw $this->exception("Unable to determine how to reference parent elements of a model. Did you declare hasOne() ?")


        return $res+$this->drill($m);

    /** Recursively return array of sub-elements. Will produce as many queries as there are nodes */
    function drill($m,$prefix='') {

        $m->setActualFields(array($this->model->title_field));    // only query title field

        foreach($m as $row) {

        return $r;

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