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  File Name: whatsnew.php, v 1.1       
  Author: Paul Crinigan, AmazingFlash.com

  AFCommerce, Amazing Flash Commerce Solutions

  Copyright (c) 2005 AFCommerce

  AFCommerce is Released under the GNU General Public License

$numbertodisplay = 10;
echo "<CENTER><H2>" . NEWPRODUCTS_HEADER . "<HR></H2><table width='90%' border='0' cellpadding='7'>";
// first get all products by datecreated
$select = "select * from products where status = '1' order by datecreated desc limit 0,$numbertodisplay";
$answer = mysql_query($select, $conn);
while ($newarray = mysql_fetch_array($answer))   {
$prodid = $newarray[prodid];  
$prodimage = $newarray[prodimage];
$select2 = "select * from product_descript where prodid = '$prodid' && langid = '$langid'";
$answer2 = mysql_query($select2, $conn);
$newarray2 = mysql_fetch_array($answer2);
$prodname = $newarray2[prodname];
$prodcaption = $newarray2[prodcaption];

if ($prodname != "")   {
echo "<tr><td width='65%' align='center' valign='middle'><a href='getproduct.php?pid=$prodid&id=$id' class='login'><font size='4'>$prodname</font></a><BR><BR><font size='3'>$prodcaption</font><BR><HR></td>";   }

if ($prodimage != "")   {
echo "<td width='35%' align='center' valign='middle'><img src='images/$prodimage' width='70'><BR><BR></td>";   }
else   {
echo "<td width='35%' align='center' valign='middle'><BR><BR><BR></td>";   }

echo "</tr>"; 

} // ends outer while loop

echo "</table></td></tr></table>";

?><?php echo "</td></tr></table>";
require ('footer.php'); ?>
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