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1. Update servers.php file and include the MySql servers you want to manage
1.1. Notice the following line:
    'init' => "SET NAMES 'utf8'"
    AeroSQL will automatically run this sql command on each request. 
    You may set 'init' => "" if you don't need it 

Installing ExtJS library:
2. Download ExtJS 2.2.1 library : http://extjs.com/products/extjs/download.php
3. Extract the contents of ext-2.2.1.zip to /ext/ folder of your website.
   If you already have ExtJS installed in another folder, 
   update the AeroSQL index.html file. 
   Replace the '/ext/' folder with yours.
Launch AeroSQL in a browser, have fun :)

Notice: take care that AeroSQL doesn't feature a login/pass at the moment, 
        so think about creating a .htaccess file to restrict the access.  
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