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$t_01="Back to authentication ...";
$t_02=",type &back to strike back !";
$t_03="Something new on the telescriptor !";
$t_04="tuned the telescriptor speed.";
$t_05="has gone to the ";
$t_07="is coming from the ";
$t_08="channel does not exist !";
$t_09="Welcome on Aerial Chat !";
$t_10="The channel\'s been created succesfully.";
$t_11="channel has been removed.";
$t_12="Tatayet already know about this ... Use &forget first to modify it...";
$t_13="teached me something ...";
$t_14="that\'s too short (6 char min.)";
$t_15="I forgot";
$t_16="has kicked";
$t_17="Tatayet reacts with";
$t_18="Use the & symbol before every command ...<br><small>example : &pause for the pause mode and &back to get back<br>Click on the top right corner on Functions for the full documentation</small>";
$t_19="Admin can not be jailed !";
$t_21="in jail !";
$t_22="is free !";
$t_23="is out for some coffee...";
$t_24="has gone eating ...";
$t_25="is on the phone ...";
$t_26="is taking a little nap ...";
$t_27="is back !";
$t_28="is not welcome anymore !";
$t_29="is unbanned ...";
$t_30="has changed the title ...";
$t_31="has sound:";
$t_32="Hi ";
$t_33="it is a bit foggy ...";
$t_34="Paint it black !";
$t_35="It\'s a kind of windy !";
$t_36="Flip !";
$t_37="Upside down !";
$t_38="I do not know";
$t_39="I kicked";
$t_40="did the dirty job for me";
$t_44="Welcome in";
$t_45="Niet ! You've got to register and then log in";
$t_46="Nom de login already used ...";
$t_47="Unknown user !!!";
$t_48="Authentication failed for";
$t_49="has logged out ... See Ya !";
$t_50="No spaces within your login name";
$t_51="No special chars within your login name";
$t_52="Your login name should not be longer than 10 chars";
$t_53="Welcome on Aerial chat !";
$t_54="Login name already used ...";
$t_55="You are recorded. Yo now can log in !";
$t_57="Connection !";
$t_58="You must register before logging in !";
$t_59="Safe mode";
$t_60="Spy Mode";
$t_61="Register !";
$t_62="You must type the Password !";
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