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 *                             lang_en.inc.php
 *                            -------------------
 *   begin                : sab, set 22, 2007
 *   copyright            : (C)
 *   email                : hide@address.com
 *   Desc                 : English language page

if ( !defined('IN_ADSERVER') ) {
		die("Hacking attempt");

//Just replace this variables and maintain any html tags or special characters needed. I repeat some of them because there is one set of variables for each page

//Nothing here

$_lang['ads_Title'] = "Create New Ad";
$_lang['ads_Action'] = "Create New Add";
$_lang['ads_Msg_File_Type'] = "File type not allowed";
$_lang['ads_Msg_Dim'] = "Dimensions not correct.";
$_lang['ads_Msg_Size'] = "The file in bigger than what is allowed: %s and yours is %s";
$_lang['ads_Msg_File_Exists'] = "A file with that name already exists, if you want to override it you have to edit the proper banner.";
$_lang['ads_Msg_File_Success'] = "File successfully uploaded.";
$_lang['ads_Msg_Not_Copy'] = "Could not copy the new file.";
$_lang['ads_Msg_Not_Delete'] = "Unable to delete current banner Image";
$_lang['ads_Msg_Succ_Mod'] = "Your add has been successfully Modified.";
$_lang['ads_Msg_Maxed'] = "Sorry, you maxed out all of your ads for this category.";
$_lang['ads_Msg_Succ_Create'] = "Your add has been successfully created.";
$_lang['ads_Msg_No_Type'] = "No banner type defined";
$_lang['ads_Title_Mod'] = "View Ad Details for modification";
$_lang['ads_Accion_Mod'] = "Modify";
$_lang['ads_Msg_No_Cats'] = "No categories defined yet";
$_lang['ads_Help_Ads'] = "Ads";
$_lang['ads_Help_Text'] = "Use this page to modify your banners and text ads: <br /><br /> Text ads are specified in chars <br /> Image ads are specified in WIDTH x HEIGHT x SIZE(kb) <br /> You must choose a file only if you are creating a new image ad.";
$_lang['ads_Select_Zone'] = "Select Ad Zone:";
$_lang['ads_Link'] = "Link";
$_lang['ads_Cats_Belong'] = "Category to which this ad belongs to:";
$_lang['ads_Cat_List'] = "List this ad in the following categories";
$_lang['ads_Cat_Note'] = "This ad will be shown ONLY in this category. If you leave it empty it will show in all of them.";
$_lang['ads_Hours'] = "Display this ad only at this hours:";
$_lang['ads_Hour_Start'] = "Do no start before:";
$_lang['ads_Hour_Stop'] = "Do no display after:";
$_lang['ads_Any_Time'] = "Any time";
$_lang['ads_Img_Ad'] = "Image Ad";
$_lang['ads_File_Select'] = "Select a file to upload:";
$_lang['ads_File_Note'] = "If you upload a new file, the previews one will be deleted";
$_lang['ads_Alt_Text'] = "Alternative banner text:";
$_lang['ads_Alt_Title'] = "Alternative banner title:";
$_lang['ads_Text_Ad'] = "Text Ad";
$_lang['ads_Ad_Title'] = "Ad Title:";
$_lang['ads_Text_Note'] = "Use this number to verify that you are not going over the limit.<br />Any extra caracter will just be ignored. <br />The limit includes html tags if allowed.</p>";
$_lang['ads_Text_Text'] = "Text: (%s x %s) Max: %s Chars";
$_lang['ads_Text_Img'] = "Image: (%s x %s) Max: %s Kb";
$_lang['ADS_COUNTRY_RESTRICT'] = "Check this if you want to restrict this countries from viewing this ad, leave blank to allow ONLY the ones in the list to view this ad: ";
$_lang['ADS_COUNTRY_LIST'] = "View List";
$_lang['ADS_COUNTRY_TITLE'] = "Countries Restrictions";
$_lang['ADS_COUNTRY_EXPLAIN'] = "Type in a list of countries to restrict or allow your ads to be shown there only. Use the international 2 letter code for this. One line per country code. Example: CR for Costa Rica or FR for France. You can also use this link to see a full list of country codes.";

$_lang['WEBSITES_DELETE'] = "Delete website";
$_lang['WEBSITES_SELECT_REST'] = "Select one	";

$_lang['cats_Msg_Mod'] = "Category Modified";
$_lang['cats_Name'] = "Category Name:";
$_lang['cats_Active'] = "Active:";
$_lang['cats_No_Cats'] = "No categories defined yet";
$_lang['cats_Help_Title'] = "Categories";
$_lang['cats_Help_Text'] = "Use this page to modify existing categories: <br /><br /> You can create as many categories as you wish, they will be available to all users. <br /><br />You can not simply delete them, since all the adds related to them would become orphans. If you don't need one any more, just make it inactive. And use it again with a new name if you ever need a new one.";
$_lang['cats_New'] = "Create new category: ";
$_lang['cats_Add'] = "Add";
$_lang['CATS_NEW_NAME'] = "New Category";
$_lang['CATS_MOD_CURR'] = "Modify Current Categories";

$_lang['COUNTRIES_YES'] = "Yes";
$_lang['COUNTRIES_TYPE'] = "Your current list settings is:";
$_lang['COUNTRIES_TYPE_REST'] = "Restrict from viewing";
$_lang['COUNTRIES_TYPE_ALLOW'] = "Allow viewing";
$_lang['COUNTRIES_CTRY'] = "CTRY Code";
$_lang['COUNTRIES_NAME'] = "Country Name";
$_lang['COUNTRIES_SELECTED'] = "In your list?";

$_lang['groups_Msg_Updated'] = "Group successfully updated";
$_lang['groups_Name'] = "Group Name";
$_lang['groups_Edit_Users'] = "Edit Users";
$_lang['groups_Edit_Cats'] = "Edit Categories";
$_lang['groups_Edit_Sites'] = "Edit Websites";
$_lang['groups_Edit_Sites_Note'] = "Besides his own";
$_lang['groups_Edit_Banners'] = "Edit Banners";
$_lang['groups_Edit_Banners_Note'] = "Besides his own";
$_lang['groups_Global_Reprts'] = "Throw Global Reports";
//$_lang['groups_Def_Credits'] = "Default credits";
$_lang['groups_Ratio_Show'] = "Credits Ratio for showing an Ad";
$_lang['groups_Ratio_Click'] = "Credits Ratio for receiving a click";
$_lang['groups_App_Default'] = "Ads approved by default";
$_lang['groups_Max_Texts'] = "Maximum text ads";
$_lang['groups_Max_Imgs'] = "Maximum image ads";
$_lang['groups_Rest_Cats_S'] = "Restrict categories to be shown";
$_lang['groups_Rest_Cats_D'] = "Restrict categories to display";
$_lang['groups_Rest_Hours'] = "Restrict at what hours the ad will be displayed";
$_lang['groups_Allowed_Types'] = "Allowed Image Types %s";
$_lang['groups_Help_Groups'] = "Groups";
$_lang['groups_Help_Text'] = "Use this page to add or modify existing groups: <br /> Admin and Default groups can not be deleted. <br />";
$_lang['groups_Modify'] = "Modify an existing group or Create a new one";
$_lang['groups_Select_Group'] = "Select a Group";
$_lang['groups_Group_Name'] = "Group's Name";
$_lang['groups_Create'] = "Create";
$_lang['groups_Group_Details'] = "Group Details";
$_lang['groups_Submit'] = "Submit";
$_lang['GROUPS_TYPES_JPG'] = "JPG";
$_lang['GROUPS_TYPES_GIF'] = "GIF";
$_lang['GROUPS_TYPES_PNG'] = "PNG";

$_lang['pickup_Msg_Copy'] = "Copy and paste this anywhere in your site exactly as it is.<br /><br />";
$_lang['pickup_Msg_No_Sites'] = "No websites defined yet for you. <br /> You need at least one to show banners.";
$_lang['pickup_Msg_No_Cats'] = "No categories defined yet for you. <br /> You need at least one to show banners.";
$_lang['pickup_Help_Title'] = "Pick up codes";
$_lang['pickup_Help_Options'] = "Select the appropriate options below to get your pick up code.";
$_lang['pickup_Options'] = "Options";
$_lang['pickup_Website'] = "Website:";
$_lang['pickup_Zone'] = "Zone:";
$_lang['pickup_Target'] = "Link opens in:";
$_lang['pickup_Give_Me'] = "Give it to me";
$_lang['pickup_Blank'] = "New Page";
$_lang['pickup_Same'] = "Same Page";
$_lang['pickup_Text'] = "Text: ";
$_lang['pickup_Img'] = "Image: ";

$_lang['profile_Msg_Pwd_Match'] = "New Passwords don't match.";
$_lang['profile_Msg_Pwd_Inc'] = "The current password is incorrect.";
$_lang['profile_Msg_Changes'] = "Changes made.";
$_lang['profile_Msg_No_User'] = "No user found with that Id.";
$_lang['profile_Data'] = "Personal data for %s User Id: %s";
$_lang['profile_User'] = "User Name:";
$_lang['profile_Group'] = "User Group:";
$_lang['profile_Active'] = "Active";
$_lang['profile_Email'] = "Email:";
$_lang['profile_New_Pssw'] = "New Password:";
$_lang['profile_New_Pssw_Again'] = "New Password Again:";
$_lang['profile_Confirm_Pssw'] = "Current Password to confirm:";
$_lang['profile_Commit'] = "Commit Changes";
$_lang['profile_Credits'] = "User Credits Management";
$_lang['profile_Zone'] = "Zone Details:";
$_lang['profile_Text'] = "Text:";
$_lang['profile_Unlimited'] = "* -1 = unlimited";

$_lang['reg_Pssw_Match'] = "New Passwords don't match or are empty.<br />";
$_lang['reg_No_Email'] = "No email provided. <br />";
$_lang['reg_User_Taken'] = "That user name has already been taken.";
$_lang['reg_Congrats'] = "Congratulations, the new user has been created.<br />";
$_lang['reg_Acc_Active'] = "Your Account is active, you can know login.";
$_lang['reg_Acc_Active_2'] = "Your account should be activated by an administrator.";
$_lang['reg_Help_Title'] = "Register a new account";
$_lang['reg_User_Name'] = "User Name:";
$_lang['reg_Email_Add'] = "Email Address:";
$_lang['reg_Pssw'] = "Password:";
$_lang['reg_Pssw_Again'] = "Password Again:";
$_lang['reg_Register'] = "Register";

$_lang['users_Msg_No_User'] = "No users found!!!";
$_lang['users_Search'] = "Search user to modify";
$_lang['users_Who'] = "Who?:";
$_lang['users_Search_Note'] = "I will search any users with this email or user name <br />or anything similar to them.";
$_lang['users_Search'] = "Search";
$_lang['users_Total_Found'] = "Total users found: %s";
$_lang['users_Click'] = "Click on any name to edit it's profile and credits";
$_lang['users_User_Name'] = "User Name";
$_lang['users_Email'] = "Email";

$_lang['viewads_Msg_Changes'] = "Changes made";
$_lang['viewads_Msg_Deleted'] = "File successfully deleted.<br />";
$_lang['viewads_Msg_Deleted_2'] = "Ad successfully deleted";
$_lang['viewads_Msg_No_Ads'] = "No ad found with that description, no changes where made in the database";
$_lang['viewads_Msg_No_Del'] = "Unable to delete file, no changes have been made";
$_lang['viewads_Msg_No_Del_2'] = "Unable to delete file, no such file, no changes have been made";
$_lang['viewads_Ad_Id'] = "Ad Id:";
$_lang['viewads_Created'] = "Created:";
$_lang['viewads_Active'] = "Active:";
$_lang['viewads_Yes'] = "Yes";
$_lang['viewads_No'] = "No";
$_lang['viewads_Times_View'] = "Times displayed:";
$_lang['viewads_Times_Click'] = "Times clicked:";
$_lang['viewads_Link'] = "Link:";
$_lang['viewads_Dimensions'] = "Dimensions: %s x %s x %s Kb";
$_lang['viewads_Ad_Text'] = "Ad Text:";
$_lang['viewads_Deact'] = "Deactivate";
$_lang['viewads_Act'] = "Activate";
$_lang['viewads_Delete'] = "Delete";
$_lang['viewads_Mod'] = "Modify";
$_lang['viewads_Msg_No_Ads_2'] = "No ads to see at the moment.";
$_lang['viewads_View_Current'] = "Current Ads";
$_lang['viewads_View_Pending'] = "Pending Ads Report";
$_lang['viewads_Total'] = " - Total: %s";
$_lang['viewads_Help_Title'] = "View Image and Text Ads";
$_lang['viewads_Help_Text'] = "Use this page to view your adds: <br /><br />Careful when you delete, this changes can't be undone, you will lose all data related to this ad.";
$_lang['viewads_Commit'] = "Commit Changes";

$_lang['VIEW_ADS_ID'] = "Ad Id";
$_lang['VIEW_ADS_CREATED'] = "Created";
$_lang['VIEW_ADS_ACTIVE'] = "Active";
$_lang['VIEW_ADS_TIMES_VIEW'] = "Times displayed";
$_lang['VIEW_ADS_TIMES_CLICK'] = "Times clicked";
$_lang['VIEW_ADS_LINK_TEXT'] = "Link";
$_lang['VIEW_ADS_DIMM'] = "Dimensions: %s x %s x %s Kb";
$_lang['VIEW_ADS_DELETE'] = "Delete";
$_lang['VIEW_ADS_MOD'] = "Modify";

$_lang['sites_Doing_1'] = "Create Site";
$_lang['sites_Msg_Deleted'] = "Website Deleted";
$_lang['sites_Msg_Created'] = "New Website Created";
$_lang['sites_Msg_Mod'] = "Website modified";
$_lang['sites_Doing_2'] = "Modify Site";
$_lang['sites_No_Cats'] = "No categories defined yet";
$_lang['sites_Help_Title'] = "Websites";
$_lang['sites_Help_Text'] = "Use this page to add or modify existing websites in your account: <br /><br />Each website can have several banners.<br />To add a new web site, type it's name. <br />To modify it, change its values and submit. <br />";
$_lang['sites_Select'] = "Select a website from the list to modify its values";
$_lang['sites_View'] = "View Site";
$_lang['sites_Create'] = "Create or Modify a new Website";
$_lang['sites_Add'] = "Address:";
$_lang['sites_Cat'] = "Category to which this site belongs to:";
$_lang['sites_Rest_Cats'] = "Restrict categories to be shown on your website";
$_lang['sites_Rest_Cats_Note'] = "This categories will NOT be shown on your site.";
$_lang['sites_Delete'] = "Delete this site:";

$_lang['login_Mail_Title'] = " - Email Recovery System";
$_lang['login_Mail_Msg'] = "This message has been sent to you because some one, hopefully you has requested a password reset. \r\n Your user name is: %s and your new password is: %s \r\n Log in to your account and change it to something you like.";
$_lang['login_Mail_Headers'] = "From: %s \r\n Reply-To: %s \r\n X-Mailer: PHP/ %s";
$_lang['login_Msg_New_Passw'] = "A new password has been generated and sent to the email address of the user name you provided.";
$_lang['login_Login_Succ'] = "Login successful!!!";
$_lang['login_Msg_Problem'] = "User Id or Password incorrect, or maybe your account is not active, please try again. </br>";
$_lang['login_Msg_Logoff'] = "Wait while the system logs you off";
$_lang['login_Login'] = "Login";
$_lang['login_User_Name'] = "User Name:";
$_lang['login_Password'] = "Password:";
$_lang['login_Rec_Password'] = "Recover Password";
$_lang['login_User_Name'] = "User Name:";
$_lang['login_Recover_Submit'] = "Recover Password";
$_lang['login_Login_Submit'] = "Login";

$_lang['header_Welcome'] = "Welcome ";
$_lang['header_LogOut'] = "Log Out";
$_lang['header_Login'] = "Login";
$_lang['header_Register'] = "Register";
$_lang['header_Reports'] = "Reports";
$_lang['header_Home'] = "Home";
$_lang['header_My_Acc'] = "My Account";
$_lang['header_My_Sites'] = "My Websites";
$_lang['header_New_Ad'] = "New Ad";
$_lang['header_View_Ads'] = "View Ads";
$_lang['header_Get_Code'] = "Get Pick Up Code";
$_lang['header_Help'] = "Help";
$_lang['header_Cats'] = "Categories";
$_lang['header_Zones'] = "Zones";
$_lang['header_Groups'] = "Groups";
$_lang['header_Users'] = "Users";
$_lang['header_Pending_Ads'] = "Pending Ads";
$_lang['HEADER_IPS'] = "Manage IP List";

$_lang['zones_Image'] = "Image";
$_lang['zones_Text'] = "Text";
$_lang['zones_Msg_Mod'] = "Zone Modified";
$_lang['zones_Msg_Created'] = "New Zone Created";
$_lang['zones_Active'] = "Active:";
$_lang['zones_Zone_Type'] = "Zone Type:";
$_lang['zones_Change'] = "Change";
$_lang['zones_Help_Title'] = "Ads Zones";
$_lang['zones_Help_Text'] = "Use this page to create and modify existing zones: <br /><br />
	You can create as many types as you wish, they will be available to all users. <br /><br />
	You can not simply delete them, since all the adds related to them would become orphans. If you don't need one any more, just make it inactive. And use it again with a new name if you ever need a new one.<br /><br />
	To add a new Banner: <br />
	1. Specify dimensions <br />&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;
	- Image banner's dimensions and size limit in kb: (WIDTHxHEIGHTxSIZE) <br />&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;
	- Text ads dimensions and length limit in chars: (WIDTHxHEIGHTxCHARS) <br />&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;
	- If it is a text ad set the maximum characters allowed (Maximum 255) <br />
	2. Specify in case of a text zone. I will not verify that this settings are properly entered, if you make a mistake just modify their values, otherwise you will get a real mess.<br />";
$_lang['zones_Add'] = "Add a new Zone:";
$_lang['zones_Dimensions'] = "Dimensions:";
$_lang['ZONES_MAX'] = "Max chars or bytes";
$_lang['ZONES_WIDTH'] = "Width";
$_lang['ZONES_HEIGHT'] = "Height";

$_lang['zones_Zone'] = "Add Zone:";
$_lang['zones_New'] = "Create Zone";
$_lang['zones_Existing'] = "Existing Banner Zones:";

$_lang['reports_Help_Title'] = "General Reports";
$_lang['reports_Help_Text'] = "Pick a report from the list, it will be exported as a csv list that you can save in your computer.";
$_lang['reports_Title'] = "Choose a Report From The List";
$_lang['reports_General'] = "General Reports";

$_lang['reports_User_Break'] = "User Breakdown";
$_lang['reports_Full_Dump'] = "Full Display Dump";

$_lang['reports_Rep_User_Break'] = "Report_User_Breakdown";
	//This are the titles for the reports
$_lang['reports_Ad_Id'] = "Ad Id";
$_lang['reports_Ad_Dim'] = "Ad Dimensions";
$_lang['reports_Views'] = "Views";
$_lang['reports_Clicks'] = "Clicks";
$_lang['reports_Text'] = "Text Ad";
$_lang['reports_User_Name'] = "User Name";

$_lang['reports_Rep_Full_Dump'] = "Report_Full_Dump";
$_lang['reports_Place'] = "Viewed at";
$_lang['reports_Time'] = "View Time and Date";
$_lang['reports_Clicked'] = "Was it Clicked";
$_lang['reports_Data'] = "General Data (Host-User Agent-Remote Address-Server Address-Request String)";

/* Reports_Resume.php */
$_lang['reports_Res_Title'] = "Quick statistics";
$_lang['reports_Res_Tot_Ads'] = "Total ads:";
$_lang['reports_Res_Disp'] = "Total displayed ads (times):";
$_lang['reports_Res_Clicks'] = "Total clicks:";
$_lang['reports_Res_Ratio'] = "Click-through ratio %:";
$_lang['reports_Res_Remaining'] = "Total Remaining credits:";

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