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1) Edit sql's from:
with the right board numbers. if your board has number '2'. Pls edit bb1 to bb2.
2) Upload folder 'mul' into your 'acp' folder.
3) Edit mulcheck.php for the password and username by:
'admin' => 'adminpass',
where admin is the username and adminpass the password.
You can add easly new users by adding under it:
'yournewname' => 'yournewpassword',
4) Now go to thes link:
http://*your boards link*/acp/mul/installer/installer.php
4) Import the file that you want with: Start Install/update/uninstall.
5) Now, delete the whole installer folder.
6) In the WBB ACP, import "taal.lng" and choose overwrite.

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