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<title>:: admbook :: versi0n 1.2.2</title>
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		<h2><a href="http://www.mycgiserver.com/~sample/">admbook</a></h2>
			<li>database not required
			<li>allows to delete and edit messages through a web interface (admin only)
			<li>allows for admin to reply messages (admin only)
			<li>parses all HTML tags except:  &lt;b&gt;<b>some text</b>&lt;/b&gt; &lt;i&gt;<i>some text</i>&lt;/i&gt; (can be turned on/off [admin only])
			<li>url's in message <i>http://your.domain</i> or <i>http://your.domain:8080</i> converted to links  <a href="http://your.domain"><i>http://your.domain</i></a> (can be turned on/off [admin only])
			<li>splits long words into pieces by nn characters (number of chars can be set through a web interface (admin only))
			<li>breaks message list into pages (number of messages per page is adjusted through a web interface (admin only))
			<li>replaces text smiles with picture icons (e.g. ;) - <img src="img/smile.gif" width="15" height="15"> or :p - <img src="img/tongue.gif" width="15" height="15"> ) (adjustable (admin only))
			<li>filters unwanted words contaning in dictionary (words can be added through a web interface [admin only])
			<li>protection from 'flood'
			<li>ip black banlist (ip can be added through a web interface [admin only])
			<li>optional registration
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			<li>copy all files into one directory retaning subdirectories structure
			<li>set permissions to all files by a command "chmod 755 *", read about setting permissions to files in your operating system manual
			<li>set permissions to banned-ip-data.php, content-data.php, dictionary-data.php, settings-data.php with "<b>chmod 666 banned-ip-data.php content-data.php dictionary-data.php settings-data.php users-data.php</b>"
			<li>'configuration' - select 'time for repeating send message' (by 30 seconds), for  protection from 'flood'
			<li>'configuration' - change color, if needed
			<li>'configuration' - change color, if needed
			<li>'configuration' - change password and(or) admin name
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			<li>product is positioned as a freeware and supplied "as is"
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