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<!--------------- Here you can edit the Layout of your Newsletter-Archive-Headline page

Don't change placeholder names like <-placeholder-> or field-names! 
If you change the position of a variable please take it in <- and -> (fe. <-variable->)

Meaning of placeholder:

MonthList: displays a list of months 
SelectYearList: year list

NLID: ID number of the currently selected newsletter

ArchiveName: Shows the name of this Archive.
Headlines: Shows the headlines.
TXTChangeYear: displays Text "Change Year"
ThisFile: displays the name of this file.
ArchiveURL: URL of the archive page
TXT_Back_to_Archive_selection: Text "Back to Archive selection"
You may change the html-code of the headline lines in the file "archive.php" by editing the variable "$NewsletterHeadline".

The default value of this variable is $NewsletterHeadline="<-NLSubject-> <-NLDate->\n";

if we take this and the following default code, the  index of your headline-page would be like this:

(The headlines are ordered by Newsletter-Date )
(The current month will be bold)

Back to archive selection
MAY April February January [2007] [change year]

Subject 1 13.04.2006 12:00
Subject 2 12.04.2006 01:00
Subject N  DD.MM.YYYY hh:mm


MAY April February January [2009] [change year]
Back to archive selection

(To change Texts, please edit lang-archive.php.inc in your language folder!)

<a href="<-ArchiveURL->"><-TXT_Back_to_Archive_selection-></a><br><br>
<form action="<-ThisFile->" method="post"><small><-MonthList-></small><input type="hidden" name="NewsletterID" value="<-NLID->">
<select  name="ChangeYear"><-SelectYearList-></select><INPUT type="submit"  value="<-TXTChangeYear->"></form>
<hr width="100%"><br>
<hr width="100%"><br>
<form action="<-ThisFile->" method="post"><small><-MonthList-></small> <select  name="ChangeYear"><-SelectYearList-></select>
<INPUT type="submit"  value="<-TXTChangeYear->"></form>
<br><a href="<-ArchiveURL->"><-TXT_Back_to_Archive_selection-></a>
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