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<!--------------- Here you can edit the Layout of your Subscription-Form 

Don't change placeholder names like <-placeholder-> or field-names! 
If you change the position of a variable please take it in <- and -> (fe. <-variable->)

Meaning of the placeholders:
Email: print entered e-mail address
TextFieldEmail: shows the textname of the e-mail inputfield
TxtSubscribe: shows translated text for the "subscribe" option
TxtUnsubscribe: shows translated text for the "unsubscribe" option
Agreement:shows the information that subscriber has to agree to receive confirmation e-mail
message: shows error- or success -messages, 
NewsletterOptionList: shows a <option> list of available Newsletters for the select input

Instead of the select input you can also use something like <input type="hidden" name="NewsletterID" value="wanted ID">
if you want to use a form only for a specific newsletter.

(To change Texts, please edit lang_subscribe.php.inc in your language folder!)

<table Border=0>
<tr><td><form action="" method=post><-TextFieldEmail-> <input type="text" name="email" value="<-Email->" >
<input type=radio name="subscroption" value= "subscribe" checked> <-TxtSubscribe-> | <input type=radio name="subscroption" value="unsubscribe"><-TxtUnsubscribe-> <select name="NewsletterID"><-NewsletterOptionList-></select> <br>

<input type=checkbox name=agreement value="yes" ><-Agreement-><br>
<input type=submit  value="OK"></form>
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