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                        LOG OF CHANGES

		      ActualAnalyzer Lite

Version 2.54:
- the support of Platform for Privacy Preferences (http://www.w3.org/P3P/) was added;
- the problems with automatic adding of nonexistent pages were solved;
- the problems with case sensitivity for pages' addresses were solved;
Version 2.55:
- the problems with calendar in control panel were solved;
Version 2.56:
- dynamic colors for graphics (support of dark skin)
- additional skins are excluded from installation pack to reduce size of source pack
- the bug with count of visitors in last and initial hours of week/month were solved;
Version 2.61:
- the problem with "www." prefix in addresses of tracked pages was solved
- the problem with PHP setting "long arrays" what is turned off by default in
  latest releases of PHP was solved.
- the "full referrers" possibilitie was added. Allows to store referrers with parameters.
- the support of dynamic web sites was added. Allows to track dynamic web sites using
  any programming language (PHP, Perl, ASP etc.).
- automatic optimization of database's tables was added;
Version 2.62:
- the problem with "daylight time" was resolved.
- minor bugs were resolved.
Version 2.63:
- the ability to work without of privilege "LOCK TABLES" was added. Allows to install on
  servers where MySQL account does not have of the locking privilege.
Version 2.64:
- the repair.php tool was added. Allows automatically repairing the corrupted tables 
  of the ActualAnalyzer.
- the compatibility problems with new versions of PHP (5.0.5 and above) was resolved.
  Were reworked the key() and the next() statements to the each().
Version 2.71:
- minor bugs were fixed.
Version 2.72:
- the problems with decoding of referrals (like ...%20%C5...) were resolved.
Version 2.73:
- the security was improved.
- local names for calendar were added.
- minor bugs were fixed.
Version 2.74:
- database initialization was improved.
- tool for repairing was improved.
Version 2.75(5/9/2006):
- compatibility with MySQL 5 was added.
- minor bugs were fixed
Version 2.76(29/5/2007):
- ability to customize the view area was added. It allows selecting specific tables 
  (summary, visitors, hosts, reloads, hits) to showing in reports. It use the check 
  boxes in "Control Panel" of view area.
- ability to remember the "home" (or initial) position was added. It allows login 
  directly to specific report, time interval etc. you have selected before. It use 
  the "Home" icon in "Control Panel" of the view area.
- the "Basic" skin was restyled. Now it support dynamic page width (all current 
  screen resolutions). It was also optimized for size and time of loading, for long 
  strings in reports.
- minor bugs were fixed
Version 2.77(9/10/2007):
- the security was improved. The code against MySQL-injections was added.
Version 2.78(3/09/2008):
- compatibility with Apache "Mod security" was added.
Version 2.79(12/03/2008):
- the security was improved.
Version 2.81(27/09/2010):
- compatibility with PHP 5 was added.

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