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At long last: the third release of Active Agenda!

Changelog for version 0.8.2-beta:

NEW: Added a Situation Response Drill module to track incident response drills on a situation-by-situation basis. This module also allows an organization to track participants involved in the situation response drills.

NEW: Prior Employers sub-module in Employment module.

NEW: Medical Monitoring modules.

NEW: Added document considerations module.

NEW: Added two job title sub-modules to allow organization's to track key job title relationships and specific job responsibilities.

NEW: Added Elevated Work modules, similar in design to Hot Work, Line Breaking, and Confined Space Entry.

NEW: Added skype status icon and link in People module (will investigate and include "open" alternatives also).

CHANGE: Modified the database design of the filing modules to enable many records per physical file. NOTE: This change replaced the original "filr" module with a new module having the same module ID. Migration from the old filr module to the new structure is more difficult because of this.

CHANGE: Modified the hot work modules to better reflect the domain concerns associated with the performance of hot work activities.

CHANGE: Implemented better roll-up of descriptions for Accountabilities and Involvement.

CHANGE: Added related record links in several modules, allowing smarter navigation.

CHANGE: Added condition to People grids in Orgaizations module to filter by employment status (only show curretly employed people, as determined by TerminationDate).

Lots of tweaks and minor improvements for better usability and more intuitive interface.

NEW: Partnership matrix report to display distributed ownership for compliance programs.

NEW: Hazard reports to display the details of the reported hazard and specific hazards and locations associated with the report.

NEW: Added a confined space entry permit.

NEW: Hazardous energy adjustment card for use as a checklist or to be posted at the site of the respective equipment.

NEW: Several lockout/tagout forms. Cards to be used a checklists or procedures to be hanged adjacent to hazardous machinery. Also a card for cleaning, repairing, and servicing hazardous machinery.

NEW: Added a posting to display incentive program criteria.

NEW: Hot work permit.

NEW: Line breaking permit.

NEW: Added Partnership Title Page report.

NEW: Added a training class sign-in sheet.

NEW: Elevated Work Permit.

FIX: Several fixes to the report generating functionality (ReportPage support).

NEW: Added the OpenOffice files that are the sources for PDF reports.


NEW: Added "previous" and "next" record links (icons) in the View and Edit screens, allowing easy navigation between records in the same search results.

NEW: Improved paging and sorting of records in the List screen ("AJAX-style").

NEW: Improved paging and sorting of records in View and Edit Grids ("AJAX-style"). Re-wrote much of grid rendering functionality.

NEW: Added a disabled "add new" tab in List screens of modules where direct adding of records is disabled.

NEW: Added module relationship info in a draggable window (using Yahoo's YUI library), in the List screen of every module, plus a link to a module's parent module if applicable.

NEW: Form UI improvements: Fields now indicate focus by changing their background color (inside), and also indicate when they have been modified from the original value by changing the background color if their entire row.

FIX: Improved the way that dashboard charts are loaded (using YUI events).

FIX: Several layout adaptations in order to better support IE 6 and IE 7.

FIX: Implemented functions to ensure content does not overlap when space is constrained.

FIX: Improved the ability to use links in grids and List screen.

FIX: Charts already on dashboard now indicate this in the Charts screen.

FIX: Now hiding global screen tabs and grids in global modules.

CHANGE: Implemented YUI tool tips, eliminating the need for OverLib.

UPDATE: Updated JSCalendar to latest version.

UPDATE: Updated TinyMCE to latest version.

FIX: Changed PermissionGrid to use CSS class substitution rather than modifying style properties directly (faster in most browsers).

FIX: Debugged and fixed faulty saving of permissions in the PermissionGrid.

NEW: New functionality to check the permissions on some critical file system locations.

Lots of other minor fixes.

FIX: Re-factored parts of Search, added new classes for grid/list rendering, re-factored Reports, cleaned up DataHandler somewhat.

FIX: Removed an exection to the creation of generating a trigger when RecordDescription is a local tablefield. This fixes a problem with "too few" triggers.

FIX: Dusted off the gettext translations functionality, re-generated the translation template file.

FIX: Fixed PATH_SEPARATOR and PEAR include in s2a.php (thanks to Zsolt Imre for discovering this)

NEW: Enabled translation of navigation menu items.

CHANGE: Generated files now get saved into a separate folder for each module. This simplifies the copying/management of generated files. Indications are that performance is improved, too.

NEW: Added support for "import" attribute in ViewGrids and EditGrids. Also added support for grid conditions.

UPDATE: Upgraded to the latest PEAR File_PDF release.

Installation Support:
CHANGE: Supports new structure in .generated files folder.

NEW: Added support in the database update script for "removed" modules as well as "replaced" modules (addressing the filr situation).

NEW: Added support to import new master data when upgrading.

NEW: Utility script to check for modified files when upgrading, by comparing the checksums in the package's checksum file.

FIX: Implemented a prompt in the s2a-install-db.php script to specify the location of the mysql executable if it cannot be found in the system PATH variable (Linux).
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