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Absolut Engine v1.73          http://www.absolutengine.com
Copyright (c) 2001-2007 Daniel Duris (hide@address.com)

Symbols used in version history:
+ new feature
* some change
! bug fix

Absolut Engine v1.73
Mar 7, 2007
* Stable version tested in the production enviroment for over two years
* Many bugs fixed
+ lot of new modules (RSS import/export, Weather (METAR) info, event
  calendar, Google maps module, Flickr integration, IP address blocker)
+ some new (&updated) commercial modules - available on request (SEO
  module, hotel reservation system, exchange rates conversion, donation
  system, syndication, directory, directory link checker, Adwords report

Absolut Engine v1.72
Jun 18, 2005
* Many bugs fixed
+ WYSIWYG editor extensions (any WYSIWYG editor can be plugged in now)

Absolut Engine v1.71
Mar 18, 2005
* Major release
* Unlimited number of images and file in imageset/fileset
* Module functionality widely enhanced
* Complete new layout
* Better code
* Better documentation
+ much more

Absolut Engine v1.70
Mar 22, 2004
* Major release - requires PHP 4.0+ to work
* Image support checking routine changed to more reliable one
* Menu menu.php divided into three files (menu1.php for admin,
  menu2.php for editor-in-chief and menu3.php for editor)
* Message system, discussions and surveys separated to modules
* File upload system upgraded to accept 5 files per one fileset
* GET/POST variables security reimplemented against SQL injection
* Date input handling and conversion improved
+ Module functionality added - custom plugins/addons/modules
  can now be created to extend the functionality of the system
+ Custom article sorting feature added to administration screen
+ RSS feed module created
+ WYSIWYG (cross-browser rich text) editor for articles added
+ Article filter box added to main administration screen
+ Clean URL
! On hold bug fixed - function GetArchive() used to list also
  unpublished articles
! Listing of articles fixed in administration screen (admin.php)
! Bug fixed in file replacing routine/associated file set list
! Bug fixed that caused editor-in-chief to be unable to publish
  or change the priority of articles in main screen
! Articles in related articles manager are sorted alphabetically
! Footer added in files where it has been missing
! GetArchive() function fixed
! RequestVariables() function fixed - checks whether magic_quotes
  directive in php.ini is enabled/disabled and changes behaviour
+*! and more addons, changes and bug fixes (closely connected to
    object-oriented programming and new module system)


Absolut Engine started with v0.99 in February 2001 for my private needs.
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