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Absolut Engine v1.70          http://www.absolutengine.com
Copyright (c) 2001-2004 Daniel Duris (hide@address.com)

There were some major changes in the database, so be sure
to use the file upgrade.sql before running this version of
Absolut Engine.
Query upgrade.sql to your database through any DB admin
tool, such as phpmyAdmin etc.

Delete all files of old version in admin/ directory.
Extract and copy new version files to admin/ directory.
Don't forget to keep edit new settings.php file to
suit your configuration.

Changes are required in public files:
Look for this line:
$aepublic=new CEngine();

Change it to:
$aepublic=new CArticles();

Absolut Engine is now converted to version 1.70. Let me know
in case of any troubles.
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