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Absolut Engine v1.70          http://www.absolutengine.com
Copyright (c) 2001-2004 Daniel Duris (hide@address.com)

Absolut Engine is an advanced news publishing system. It features
3 layer access (admin/chief/editor), article posting, editing and
deleting. Absolut Engine includes a powerful image managing tool,
file manager and related articles manager are also included.
Rich text editing is provided via built-in WYSIWYG editor that
produces XHTML 1.0 Strict compliant code. Absolut Engine is easy
to extend via module functionality - any required addons/plugins
can be created and added to the system. It is fully configurable
and easy-to-use for unexperienced users, too. Modules include
Discussions, Surveys, RSS Feed, Search Engine Optimization and
message system for better communication between users.

Absolut Engine can be downloaded from: http://www.absolutengine.com

See upgrade.txt file for details on system and/or database migration.
Copy all files from new version of AE over the old ones (if not
instructed otherwise in upgrade.txt) and Absolut Engine is ready.

Apache (www.apache.com), MySQL (www.mysql.com) and PHP v4.0.0+
(www.php.net) are required. I advise you also to install some kind of
MySQL administration tool (e.g. phpMyAdmin or WinMySQLAdmin...)
GD Graphic library is required in PHP for graphic functions of AE,
however Absolut Engine CAN run without it. If this is the case you
won't be able to use image managment features.

1. Run your MySQL administration tool. Create a new MySQL database
   where tables will be created in.
   (example: create database absolut; use absolut;)
2. Run the system.sql script to create the system tables.
   (example: source system.sql;)
3. Edit file settings.php and change the name of your server to your
   domain name. Change path from root to directory in which Absolut
   Engine will run. Don't forget to change path to directory where
   images and files used in articles will be uploaded, too. Images
   and files directories are relative to admin directory.
4. Edit file settings.php and change MySQL database settings to
   correct values. Change username and password, optionally also
   server address and database name.
5. Supply your (admin's) email address to $emailwebmaster variable.
6. Set $sizemaximages and $sizemaxfiles variables that limit size of
   images and files to be uploaded to desired number of bytes.
7. Set $thumbwidth and $thumbheight variables to desired size in
   pixels. Engine will try to optimize dimensions of the thumbnails
   to as close to the desired dimensions as possible. Optionally
   change $jpegquality, too.
8. Check and set up $uploadforbid variable to forbid uploading of
   certain filetypes. Change $dateformat to suit your country format.
9. Set $cleanurls variables to 1, if clean and easy-to-remember URLs
   are required. Don't forget to change permissions for root
   directory to 777, if clean URLs functionality is enabled.
10. Set permissions of directories for uploading images and files to
   777 (in Unix or Linux only) - CHMOD 777. Public must be allowed
   to write to these directories.

Javascript has to be enabled in your browser! Engine uses Javascript
for certain advanced features. Absolut Engine uses valid XHTML 1.0
Strict markup and works well in Mozilla, Internet Explorer 5.01+ and
Opera browser. Rich text editor (WYSIWYG) works only in Mozilla 1.3+
and Internet Explorer 5.01+.

There are over 10 languages supported at the moment. Check the URL:
http://www.absolutengine.com/translations.php for your language
version. You can always translate the messages from English, if
messages in your language doesn't exist yet.

variables.php - English version (default language set)

If you would like to translate variables.php to your language, please
feel free to do so. Don't forget to send your translation to the
author at hide@address.com when finished.

Proceed only if the installation has succeeded as described above.
It is assumed your web server and DB server are up and running.
1. Start your favourite browser and go to admin/ directory
   (example: http://www.mydomain.com/absolut/admin/)
1. Log in using "admin" (without quotes) for both username and
2. Be sure to change your admin password immediately after logging
   in for security reasons.
3. Keep playing with and explore the possibilities of Absolut Engine.
4. Don't forget to put 'Powered by Absolut Engine' message somewhere
   on your page. It would be nice if this message was linked to
   http://www.absolutengine.com site. Thank you. Enjoy!

Adding images to the articles:
Up to 10 images form one set of images. One article can be
acompanied with one set of images. One set of images can accompany
any number of articles. At least one image has to be uploaded. Only
JPEG, GIF and PNG images are allowed. Image type support also
depends on your server's configuration.

Adding files to the articles:
Up to 5 files form one set of files. One article can be
acompanied with one set of files. One set of files can accompany
any number of articles. Check settings.php file for filetypes that
are forbidden for upload.

See file manual.txt for the details.

If you find any bugs or have some questions about or ideas for
Absolut Engine, contact me at hide@address.com with subject
Absolut Engine.

Download the latest version of AE from www.absolutengine.com.
Check file faq.txt, where you can find solutions to the most common

All about Absolut Engine mailing list - tips and advices on AE:
Send email to hide@address.com with the body containing
subscribe all-about
Mail volume on the list is extremely low (1-2 messages/week).

If you have any other problem running Absolut Engine, contact me at
hide@address.com, but INCLUDE the number of version you use!

* Absolut Engine design created by Sven
* WYSIWYG editor for articles by Kevin Roth
* Absolut Engine logo created by Juanjo Vazquez
Contributions in form of modules, improved functions or donations are
welcome. If you would like to contribute to the developement of
Absolut Engine, contact me at hide@address.com

* Robin Mueller from Worldsite.ch for hosting AbsolutEngine.com
* All people who has supported me during the development
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