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Absolut Engine v1.70          http://www.absolutengine.com
Copyright (c) 2001-2004 Daniel Duris (hide@address.com)

Symbols used in version history:
+ new feature
* some change
! bug fix

Absolut Engine v1.70
Mar 22, 2004
* Major release - requires PHP 4.0+ to work
* Image support checking routine changed to more reliable one
* Menu menu.php divided into three files (menu1.php for admin,
  menu2.php for editor-in-chief and menu3.php for editor)
* Message system, discussions and surveys separated to modules
* File upload system upgraded to accept 5 files per one fileset
* GET/POST variables security reimplemented against SQL injection
* Date input handling and conversion improved
+ Module functionality added - custom plugins/addons/modules
  can now be created to extend the functionality of the system
+ Custom article sorting feature added to administration screen
+ RSS feed module created
+ WYSIWYG (cross-browser rich text) editor for articles added
+ Article filter box added to main administration screen
+ Clean URL
! On hold bug fixed - function GetArchive() used to list also
  unpublished articles
! Listing of articles fixed in administration screen (admin.php)
! Bug fixed in file replacing routine/associated file set list
! Bug fixed that caused editor-in-chief to be unable to publish
  or change the priority of articles in main screen
! Articles in related articles manager are sorted alphabetically
! Footer added in files where it has been missing
! GetArchive() function fixed
! RequestVariables() function fixed - checks whether magic_quotes
  directive in php.ini is enabled/disabled and changes behaviour
+*! and more addons, changes and bug fixes (closely connected to
    object-oriented programming and new module system)

Absolut Engine v1.69
Jun 19, 2003
* Major release
* Complete rewrite of the code to object-oriented model
* Valid HTML&CSS in accordance to W3C standards
* New design of admin menu screen and other admin screens
* Changes in variables.php - 'big renaming of messages'
* Boxes - showarchive.php, showarticle.php and showsurvey.php
  now come as boxes (for direct use in HTML design)
* Change in showsurvey.php, it shows running survey or if called
  with surveyID parameter, shows survey ID no. surveyID
* Survey editing simplified, engine automatically finds number of
* Image thumbnailing changed to true color resampling
* File upload check rewritten in modify.php
* Survey rewritten to display results only after user vote
* Inserting into text field in article completely rewritten
* Editor can now see and edit only his image and file sets
* Chief-editor can edit any image set and file set
* Messaging system rewritten to keep messages
* Public part completely separated from messages in variables.php
+ Image manager - image sets editing added
+ File manager - file sets editing added
+ Related articles manager feature added
+ Priority in article added
+ Status in article added - creating possiblity to review
  articles by editor-in-chief before publishing
+ GD library check added - engine automatically checks for filetypes
+ Photo added in user profile
+ Search function added to public scripts
+ Additional information added in user profile
+*! and more addons, changes and bug fixes (closely connected to
    object-oriented programming)

Absolut Engine v1.68
Mar 20, 2003
* Security reimplemented
* Image upload check rewritten in modify.php
* Text field size length extended in surveys (for answers)
* Variable $quality added for JPEG images (image quality)
* Small change in documentation in settings.php
* "Number of questions changed" to "answers" in variables.php
* Changed current year notice in header.php to automatic date
! Bug in engine security fixed
! Fixed bug in user editing
! Fixed bug in user editing by administrator
+ French translation of AE messages added
+ Finnish translation of AE messages added
+ Dutch translation of AE messages added
+ Corrected Norwegian translation added

Absolut Engine v1.67
Nov 14, 2002
* Code completely rewritten
! Path to images bug in article viewing scripts fixed
! Small bug in survey listing fixed (only one survey was shown in
  admin screen)
! Bug in Image manager fixed - if some of the images were over the
  limit, all images until error occured were uploaded thus filling
  up space and creating junk/abandoned images
* Logo changed on request of lawyers of Absolut Vodka Company :-)
* New logo designed by Juanjo Vazquez (thanks for this very much!)
* Design/layout of main administration screen changed
* Database format changed, DB migration script created
* Some redundant tables in database deleted
* Small changes in listing articles in archive
* Some scripts merged and some redundant scripts deleted
* Global list and Current text features deleted
* Various scripts and features simplified and optimized
* Intelligent handling of actions by engine added (e.g. If survey
  is running you can only stop it, but not add another one etc.)
* Authorization on basis of cookies exchanged for URL sessions
  (Hopefully, I put end to those many emails about why it was not
  possible to log in.)
* Various settings separated to file settings.php
* Language option added to user profile, so there could be
  running different language versions of engine at the same time
  (Engine searches for existing language versions automatically)
* Messaging feature improved
* Full names are now displayed in all screens instead of usernames
* Administrator now can change user profile without changing the
  password (Just leave both password fields empty)
* Date and time will not change automatically after editing
  (This wasn't a bug, I thought it could be useful.)
* Image sets are now sorted alphabetically in all screens
* English and Slovak language versions updated, other are outdated
  (I don't speak all languages Absolut Engine does/did)
+ Article preview added
+ Image sets preview added
+ Automatic thumbnailing of images added (Saving much of the mouse
  button clicks for you)
+ Image upload type check added - only GIF, JPG and PNG allowed
+ Time stamp added to article editing (Date stamp before only)
+ Discussion manager added
+ File manager added
+ IP address check added to block multiple voting in a survey coming
  from the same IP address (computer/user)
+ Variable $sizemaxfile created to limit file upload size
+ Variable $uploadforbid created to forbid an upload of certain
+ Variable $thumbwidth and $thumbheight created to mark desired size
  of thumbnails you require
+ Variable $surveyblocktime created to set time when voting is
+ Swedish language version added (see variables-sv.php for details)


Absolut Engine started with v0.99 in February 2001 for my private needs.
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